6 reasons to hate our periods less

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6 reasons to hate our periods less
6 reasons to hate our periods less

is probably the most hated thing of any woman! When it comes we jerk because it hurts, because we can't have sex (or at least most don't want to have sex during periods) and because of a bunch of other complications it leads to!

But there are actually a lot of things that will make you hate your period less and be thankful it's there! Here are some of the most positive features of his presence!

You are not pregnant

This is the biggest proof that you have nothing to worry about if you had a rough night. It's not that colorful pregnancies don't exist, but still, if your period appears in the way it is for you, it's cause for celebration!

You are a he althy woman

Rejoice that you have your period and that it comes on time and in a normal way. The menstrual cycle is an indicator of many irregularities in a woman's body, and if yours is perfectly fine, don't be mad at him for coming, because that's what's best for your body!

He's an easy excuse

In many cases, we apologize with our period - to the boss to stay home a little, to our partner when we really don't feel like having sex, to ourselves when we don't feel like going to the gym.

Longer Life

There is a curious fact and that is that women are more likely to live longer lives than men. Do you know why? It's because of the cycle!

Through the menstrual cycle, certain amounts of iron are removed from the body, which are then obtained through food. Thus, the body is purified and renewed, giving it the opportunity to live longer.

Men lack this option and therefore often suffer from more muscle cramps and spasms caused by iron build-up.

Cleans from bacteria

Your cycle also has such a function. By expelling the blood, many bacteria are removed from the body. It also reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Menstrual cycle is a real savior as long as it is regulated!

Proves you're a woman

Little girls often have a hard time going through that turning point where their mothers usually say, “Congratulations! You are now a woman!". Don't feel bad about this fact, on the contrary! Feel like a real woman and be proud!

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