Signs that you are giving off negative vibes with your behavior

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Signs that you are giving off negative vibes with your behavior
Signs that you are giving off negative vibes with your behavior

Our face and body can express not only conscious and intentional behavior that we want to show, but also that on a subconscious level that betrays our true attitudes. Some people are true masters at concealing emotions and intentions, but others are not so good at controlling their behavior. Certain signals coming from their body language give them away, often making their company unpleasant.

What are the gestures and types of behavior that send negative vibes to your interlocutors and turn them off?

Looking around

One of the most unpleasant and annoying types of behavior is eye wandering. Some people love attention from others and like to be heard when they speak. However, when their interlocutor begins to speak, they look away, scan the people around, openly demonstrate disinterest in the topic. This behavior is irritating, off-putting, and makes it so that next time you will deliberately not be heard if you act this way.

Tapping feet, fingers, clicking

Nervous tapping, shuffling of feet, ticking of the pen, tapping on the table with fingers are all annoying habits during a conversation that repel the interlocutors. Such behavior gives off negative vibes on your part, as it is often perceived as impatience for the conversation to end or disinterest.

Embrace yourself

Wraping your arms around your body is a gesture that eloquently shows that you are closed to communication. The person opposite you will instinctively take these signals as reluctance on your part, non-acceptance. Chances are he won't try to talk to you again.

Constantly looking at phone

Today we are like addicted to our smartphones. They are a whole universe, a parallel world, in which we constantly enter and exit, now with one foot there, now with the other in reality. If you constantly look at your phone while talking or "listen" to the other person while replying to a message, it will inevitably annoy them.

Get out as a powerless zombie

One annoying behavior that doesn't even require speaking on your part and is annoying nonetheless is wandering around as if you have no enthusiasm or energy for anything. People at some point start to think that everything around you annoys you and you don't enjoy both the work and the conversations with them.

Sigh and huff

Repetitive sighing tells those around you that something is wrong. The signals you send can be interpreted in many different ways. One begins to wonder if he is annoying you, if the situation, if something is bothering you, or if you just don't want to be in this place at this time. If you make people feel uncomfortable with your company, it is taken as a negative signal.

Distraction, lack of concentration

When others have to repeat the same thing to you a hundred times and you still don't remember and don't even seem to try to fix it, it's annoying. Your behavior gives the impression of total disinterest.

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