Why men don't like smart women

Why men don't like smart women
Why men don't like smart women

It's a fact - it's rare for a man to fall for a smart woman. Men always go for dumber women. Mainly because they think they can "work them better" that way. Understand it both literally and figuratively.

"It's easier to live with a stupid woman," I. P., 32 years old, lives on a family basis without being married, says boldly. There is a child that the woman mainly raises. "Let her be beautiful, I don't need her to be smart," is the opinion of M. K., 27 years old, who likes to change his girlfriends often, clearly caring more about their appearance than their intellectual potential.

However, most men claim to love smart women, but the fact is that they look around for dumber women. It is important for a man even if a woman is very smart not to show it, even less in front of his friends.

If you've been to university and take stock, you'll see that the most unsightly, modest and quiet girls are the ones who get married and get pregnant first. And the beautiful, self-possessed, up-and-coming ladies stay in line, often alone until their 30s.

Men also dislike women with high social status. Imagine a man marrying the head of a large company or the commercial director of an international company. He would feel depressed, which would certainly reflect on his libido. If the woman "grows" in her service during the marriage, it is somehow more realistic for the man to accept this change. But such situations also carry the risk of divorce and separation.

The truth is - even if you are smarter, more capable than him when you are together - don't point it out to him, let him feel more confident in himself. It will be better for your relationship. In any case, don't let her put you down or treat you or your position or your job as "second class" or treat you with disdain. Be yourself and stand your ground, smart and pretty girls!

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