10 Male Behaviors Women Hate

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10 Male Behaviors Women Hate
10 Male Behaviors Women Hate

What annoys you the most about the behavior of the man next to you? You will surely find some of the most unpleasant male behaviors that can drive any woman crazy in our specially prepared list.

Here's who they are:

1. To get drunk

One of the most hateful things in both men and women is the uncontrollable behavior caused by excessive alcohol consumption. That's why among the leading male actions we hate is our man getting drunk. Not to drink one or two glasses for an aperitif, but to cut yourself without memory, so as to embarrass you in front of friends and relatives. It's even more unpleasant when you're mad at him in the morning and he doesn't even remember what he did…

2. Fuck other women

Foul, foul, great foul. If the man next to you often flirts with other women and in front of you, maybe you should think about what you are actually doing with him? Because if he unceremoniously takes down your best friend, it hardly takes him long to resort to the next step.

3. Being scolded in public

It is not by chance that women are often personified with cats - because like these graceful animals, women hardly tolerate humiliation. And when your man scolds you in public, in front of your acquaintances or even strangers, humiliation seems to fill your head and the feeling is extremely unpleasant.

4. Prefer your friends over you

We have to admit that men are not always as resourceful as women. Still, there's no excuse if he often prefers the company of his friends over yours, or listens to their advice over yours. You are the woman next to him and it is right that you come first for him.

5. Compare you to his ex-girlfriend

There is hardly anything more hateful and unpleasant for a woman to be compared to another. And if the woman in question is also your lover's ex-girlfriend, things get pretty rough. Never allow yourself to be on the same page with another woman, be it your husband's ex-boyfriend. We are all unique individuals and carry our own bright individuality that we must protect.

6. To swear

We are used to forgiving many male actions with the excuse "He's a man, he's forgiven." No, it's not enough. A real man should be a gentleman and be careful what, when and how he speaks. Especially in front of the lady of his heart. So, stop making excuses for him and start giving him a heads up.

7. Bad hygiene

Anything to add here? Poor hygiene in itself speaks of disrespect for one's own person, and then for others. Dot.

8. Making physiological sounds like burping, burping, etc. in front of you

Some more liberal women will say, "So what? I make the same noises too!" Yes, that's right, we're all human and have physiological needs that need to be alleviated. But not in front of other people, much less in front of the person you're sleeping with. The risk of seeing it already in a different light is huge.

9. When scratching the crotch

An unpleasant sight, unfortunately, all too common. It's as if men like to do it, not only to piss us off, but also to once again prove that they have masculine dignity and superiority. No, dear men, it is not dignified to do so, even in front of us, at home. What you have in your pants, about 3 billion other men still have…

10. Listen to your mother about everything

Well, that's just the tip of the ice cream. There is no worse start to a relationship or marriage if the man is constantly running to his mother for advice and to report what is happening in your relationship. If the man next to you is this type, there are two solutions - quickly re-educate him to stop being a mama's boy or quickly dump him!

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