How does body posture determine your attractiveness?

How does body posture determine your attractiveness?
How does body posture determine your attractiveness?

If you think that the outfit, the fancy hairstyle or the stunning expensive shoes will catch the eye of those around you and make you, you are wrong. It turns out that this is the posture of the body, the posture with which you present yourself to others.

A 2017 study by the University of Minho, cited by he found that it is not fashion, but body posture that makes you attractive to others. For example, if you take a group photo, at least a few people will immediately stand out in it, attracting attention. Their posture is what catches your eye unconsciously, not the way they are dressed, even if you think so.

Portuguese researchers asked a group of 50 women and 32 men to rate the attractiveness of different three-dimensional models of the female torso. In each of the examples, there were different variations of spine curves, as well as spines with natural curves.

Both groups rated models with more crooked and visibly damaged stands as less attractive. Accordingly, people with straight backs and good posture have been cited as attractive.

The men who took part in the study looked more often at the models' lower backs and buttocks, while the women focused more on the models' waists. Lead researcher Farid Pajuhi believes that this instinct hides its roots in an evolutionary sense, as it turns out that even in animals, the curve of the spine and the raised pelvis indicate that the female is ready to mate. In this sense, according to him, this also applies to humans.

However, the researchers note that these conclusions are not conclusive and need to be further studied.

The researchers believe that other individual factors may also influence the participants. Among them are age, gender, standards and ideas of beauty. It also contributes to the participants' perception of what they see as.

If you want to be noticed, one thing is certain – work on your posture and body posture. Try to stand as straight as possible and do not slouch. A straight and confident posture tells others that you have good self-esteem. This arouses approval and attracts attention.

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