Pasta or white rice - which food has more calories?

Pasta or white rice - which food has more calories?
Pasta or white rice - which food has more calories?

When it comes to weight loss and diets, one of the most frequently excluded foods from the menu is pasta and rice. They have a high carbohydrate content and bring a lot of calories to the body. Pasta is one of the pasta products that are often demonized and neglected in dietary nutrition. Rice is also considered the enemy of a thin waistline.

But can we scale them by calories? What is the real difference between rice and pasta?

According to Medical News Today, a 100 gram serving of white standard rice contains approximately 28.7 grams of carbohydrates, 2.36 grams of protein and 0.19 grams of fat. This portion brings the body 130 calories. White rice is refined, meaning that it has lost much of its he althy nutrients when the husk is refined.

Brown rice,unlike white rice, retains the bran and germ in its composition, which gives it various he alth benefits. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, which white almost does not contain.

Rice is a wonderful product that can be prepared in many different ways and is no accident present in the food culture of many peoples. The most useful and he althy way to consume rice is in a boiled or steamed state. Consuming white rice requires caution so that you can control both calorie and carbohydrate intake, as white rice has a high glycemic index and raises blood sugar.

Pasta is not as unhe althy as many people think. Actually, pasta is made from wheat flour and water. It has an average glycemic index, which makes it acceptable for consumption by people suffering from impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes. Of course, the consumption should again be in small to moderate amounts and consistent with the daily caloric intake.

Whole wheat pasta is the better option to consume, He althline writes. Pasta can be regularly present on your table, as long as you don't overdo it. One cup of refined white flour pasta contains 220 calories, 43 grams of carbohydrates, 8.1 grams of protein and 1.3 grams of fat. This makes the pasta lower in calories than white rice.

Of course, whole wheat pasta is a better choice than white. It contains more fiber and vegetable proteins, which not only give more energy and satiety, but also do not increase blood sugar sharply. Here's how pasta can be part of your balanced diet. You can enjoy it in moderation.

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