Mistakes we make with olive oil

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Mistakes we make with olive oil
Mistakes we make with olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most useful vegetable fats. It is one of the best alternatives to refined oil, providing the body with essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, participate in the prevention of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and contribute to the prevention of cancer.

However, in order to benefit from all these benefits that olive oil offers, we must not make some common mistakes in its use and consumption. This is who they are.

Poor and improper storage

Olive oil is a specific product that needs special storage conditions in order to preserve its qualities. It is necessary to store it away from sources of heat, oxygen, light and strictly monitor its shelf life. Under the influence of these 4 factors, olive oil loses its qualities and spoils quickly, and may even become harmful to he alth due to its deteriorated condition.

Always make sure to store olive oil properly without direct exposure to oxygen and sunlight. Close the cap tightly. Observe the expiration date and do not use after its expiration.

You forget to read the label

The olive oil label gives important information not only about the shelf life of the product, but also about its purpose, how to use it in cooking, what temperature it can withstand and other specifications.

You are overheating the olive oil

In general, olive oil is safe for most types of high-heat cooking. Its boiling point is in the range of 160 to 250 degrees Celsius. To avoid, always keep in mind its boiling point and read the label carefully. It usually has information about its intended use. If you can't find information, keep in mind that cold-pressed olive oil should not be used at more than 180 degrees for frying and 200 degrees for baking.

Don't let the color fool you

The myth that the greener and more saturated it is, the more real it is, is wrong. The color and aroma depend in fact on the variety of olives that are used to extract it. The color can vary from lighter to darker. This should not stop you from taking advantage of the variety of olive oil types.

You only use olive oil for cooking

Olive oil has incredible benefits for the body, especially when consumed directly in its raw state. Use it for your salads and fresh meals without heat treatment. Thus, your body will benefit from all its beneficial properties. Apply it too.

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