3 he althy types of rice to snack on

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3 he althy types of rice to snack on
3 he althy types of rice to snack on

is one of the most consumed crops worldwide. Thousands of recipes can be prepared with it. There are many types of white rice, which has been widely used in the cuisines of many nations for centuries, including ours. However, white rice is highly refined. Its carbohydrate content is high, making it a high glycemic index food. For this reason, white rice is an unsuitable food for diabetics suffering from insulin resistance and overweight.

Consumption of too many simple and easily digestible carbohydrates is not a particularly he althy option for the rest of the people who do not have metabolic problems. Refined foods, including white rice, have been stripped of their remaining components, such as protein, fiber, and he althy fats, making them a less he althy choice.

However, there are some types of rice that are beneficial and that are good to consume instead of white rice. Who are they?

Black rice

Black rice is one of the he althiest types of rice. It is not always easy to find in the commercial network, and its price is higher, but it definitely deserves its fame. It is among the varieties with the highest content of fiber, protein and he althy fats. Thanks to the abundance of fiber, it has the ability to help lower cholesterol by stimulating digestion and good metabolism. This makes it useful in the fight against a number of chronic diseases and their prevention.

Black rice is extremely rich in antioxidants. Among them is anthocyanin, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that gives this variety of rice its deep purple hue and that fights free radicals that cause inflammation in cells.


Black rice is also a good source of protein. One cup of cooked black rice contains about 10 grams of pure protein.

Wild Rice

Another variety of useful and he althy rice is wild rice. It is long-grained and crunchy. It has a high fiber content, which stimulates digestion and improves bowel function. The fiber in wild rice also contributes to improving cardiovascular he alth by lowering cholesterol. It is also rich in antioxidants, one of which is the vitamin C present in wild rice.

Brown rice

Brown rice is among the most affordable and easy to find varieties of rice. It is also high in fiber because it is unrefined. It is a rich source of B vitamins, zinc, magnesium. It is a whole grain, which makes it suitable for diabetics and people suffering from metabolic disorders. It helps to stabilize blood sugar and stimulates the feeling of satiety for longer. The fibers in its composition favor a normal nutritional environment for the beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

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