The favorite fruit betrays the personality

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The favorite fruit betrays the personality
The favorite fruit betrays the personality

Juicy and aromatic, and now we can eat them in abundance. Fruits! Source of he alth and longevity. Besides delighting the senses, they also reveal a part of one's personality. See more in the following lines.


If your favorite fruit is the apple, then you are an extravagant, impulsive and straightforward person. You make quick decisions in crisis situations, you are a very good leader, but sometimes you are too hot-tempered You easily win the attention of the opposite sex and want to be the leading figure in love.


If you like to eat bananas more often, you are a kind-hearted person, loving, gentle, but also a little more vulnerable than necessary. At times you are too timid and lack self-confidence. Despite these flaws, in love you know how to create a beautiful and harmonious relationship.


Grapes were a favorite fruit of the gods. If you also prefer it, then you are warm, polite, enthusiastic and with a thirst for life. You easily communicate with people, have a sense of aesthetics and love to enjoy nature and beauty in all its forms. Sometimes you are grumpy, and in love great experimenters.



You look at life with a great deal of optimism. You don't like to argue and rarely complain. You want to act as a good advisor to other people, but you rarely succeed because you are not very ambitious However, you have a great sense of humor and you are monogamous in love.


If cherries are your favorite of all fruits, you are a person who has a great imagination and can achieve success in creative activities. You are always loyal to the people around you, and in love you value good communication and honesty.


Coconut is a favorite of people who are careful, sociable, witty, but also cunning and stubborn. In love, it is difficult for them to find a partner because they have high criteria for a partner. They prefer their loved one to be a well-educated and realized person.


The exotic mango fruit is the choice of people who are easily influenced. If this is your choice, you often like to come across as leaders and less like followers. You have a strong will and the ability to reason about complex issues. You love challenges in life, and in love you are more of an adventurer.

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