Superfoods with Jamie

Superfoods with Jamie
Superfoods with Jamie

In this exciting new series, you'll find out how to eat to live a he althier life. Every week Jamie will prepare a menu of the day - delicious, perfectly balanced and appetizing portions that will provide you with the necessary daily ration of nutrients.

To cope with his new task, our favorite chef goes to the countries where people are proven to live he althier and longer, and reveals the secret of their nutrition. He then returned to the UK and turned his new knowledge into exciting and inspiring recipes that everyone would try. No, this series is not about goji berries and drinks made from green leafy plants, nor about compromise and denial.

The show tells about ordinary products that, combined in a certain way, have an incredible he alth effect. It shows us the tricks to enjoy the food we love. And it helps us feel confident that we're doing what's best for our bodies and our families.

Because Jamie wants to change the way we think about our he alth. To convince us that we don't have to choose between the love of food and the love of life. And to inspire us to take small steps on the way to big changes.

Don't miss "Superfoods with Jamie" from February 15 (Monday), 1:00 PM on 24Kitchen.

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