Kimchi and its he alth benefits

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Kimchi and its he alth benefits
Kimchi and its he alth benefits

Kimchi is a type of fermented product similar to sauerkraut, but with its origins in Korean cuisine. It has many he alth benefits that may be worth giving it more attention and a place at the table.

What is kimchi?

Kimchi is made from fermented cabbage, similar to our traditional sauerkraut. The difference is that kimchi uses an Asian variety of cabbage, typical of the southern regions of Asia. While in our country and in Europe, mostly white cabbages are used to make sauerkraut. In kimchi, garlic, hot peppers, ginger, leeks, cumin seeds and spicy chili paste are added, which participate in the fermentation process and give a slightly hot taste to this particular food.

Besides the differences in taste characteristics, kimchi is also distinguished by its amazing he alth benefits.

What are the main beneficial properties of kimchi?

1. Kimchi is good for the intestines

Like all fermented foods, kimchi improves the condition of and stimulates their peristalsis. One of the most important properties of kimchi is that it acts as a prebiotic, that is, it nourishes the beneficial bacteria in the intestines and stimulates their growth. The good condition of the intestinal flora has a beneficial effect on the metabolism, the immune system, the nervous system.

2. Kimchi helps boost immunity

It's no secret that the immune system is largely dependent on the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Kimchi as a fermented food nourishes these bacteria and thus increases immunity and contributes to easier handling of various pathogenic attacks from the external environment.


3. Kimchi may help lower cholesterol

According to research published on the US National Library of Medicine website, there is an unclear relationship between kimchi and cholesterol. People who eat kimchi more often have lower cholesterol by up to several points, the scientists who conducted the study found. However, researchers aren't quite sure which of all the ingredients in kimchi is responsible for this positive effect.

4. Kimchi is good for heart he alth

After having benefits in fighting cholesterol, kimchi can also be called a cardiovascular he alth food. It is rich in, which stabilize the cells and accelerate the healing processes in them. Foods with a high content of antioxidants help to improve the condition of chronic heart diseases.

5. Kimchi suppresses inflammation

Regular consumption of kimchi contributes to the reduction of general malaise in and diseases related to inflammatory processes, as well as micro-inflammation in various tissues. Thanks to its antioxidants, kimchi blocks these processes, reduces pain and discomfort.

6. Kimchi supports brain he alth

Another indirect beneficial result of kimchi consumption is the improvement of brain function, as well as that of the central and peripheral nervous systems. A he althy digestive system is the basis of good communication between the brain and the nerves, its branches, delivering impulses to all cells, tissues and organs.

7. Kimchi can help you lose weight

Without effort, weight loss is almost impossible. A he althy diet and exercise are the foundation of weight loss, but that doesn't mean you can't benefit from some extra incentives. Kimchi can help you speed up fat loss. This food is low in calories but very rich in fiber and antioxidants.

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