Fun Pie Fortunes

Fun Pie Fortunes
Fun Pie Fortunes

At the festive Christmas or New Year's table we always put a fragrant homemade cake in which we also put good luck. Eager to see what our luck will be in the new year, we rush to grab the biggest piece of the pie in which someone has already hidden something for us.

To make these moments truly merry, we're sharing some ideas for fun lucky charms. And don't forget that miracles happen at Christmas!

You are the lucky one of 2015!

Until now, wisdom has fled from you, but now it suits you best!

Your gambling is a gift!

Here there is - here there is no, you lose profit

from the big lotto!

Spit on your heels and run far away, because an engagement awaits you.

In a jackpot game you will hit a big amount and you will win.

Immediately kiss the one standing closest to you!

Laziness falls on you –

being lazy suits you!

Forget any complex, you will only think about sex.

You will shine with the beautiful charm of the Northern Lights!

Bigger size wings for your angelic soul!

You will not be idle! You will work to make your dreams come true!

In the new year you will be a prima ballerina - she will be subtle and calm, joyful and sweet!

Traveler with dreams - you will be the discoverer!

Get ready for a boss position! You will see again until dawn…

And it will be fun for you, this will be normal everyday life.

Coupon after coupon will line up, you are expected to set the tone for them.

With fistfuls of Joy scoop up, leave sun trails!

You fancy a trip around the world, make sure the ship doesn't sail without you!

New luck from a pie download and don't think about it!

From party to party, you jump on Cupid!

You will be a fe-no-men! – a sexual upswing awaits you!

Learning falls to you, maybe this suits you best.

Don't figure out how to crack, you still have exams to crack!

Marriage today is your luck, in the new year love will bewitch you!

In the new year, everything will go according to plan, there will be more and more large bills in your pocket!

Great joy awaits you - tickets to Rio for two!

Lucky you chose a new one, it's up to you to find true love!

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