Empanada with spinach and cheese

Table of contents:

Empanada with spinach and cheese
Empanada with spinach and cheese



1 egg

1 tsp fresh milk

1 yeast cube


butter, s alt

For the filling:



2 eggs


This recipe is from my parents who sent me the picture recently online and since it looks very delicious and I'm sure it really was, I thought I'd send it to you too.

The dough is kneaded as for a regular pita. In a glass, separate some of the fresh milk, which must be warmed up a little beforehand. Add the yeast, then a little flour and so on until a slurry is obtained. Then we sprinkle a little flour and let the mixture rise in a warm place. Put the egg, s alt and the rest of the fresh milk in a slightly warmed bowl. When the yeast foams, add it to the bowl and mix carefully. We begin to add flour and knead until a not very hard dough is obtained, after which we divide it into two. Roll out one part of the dough in a pre-greased pan. Then we put some butter, cheese, spinach and finally on top and the last part of the dough. We spread the empanada with egg yolk and let it rise for about an hour in a warm place. Bake at 180 degrees, first in the lower and then in the upper oven.

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