5 reasons you gain weight when you're on a vegan diet

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5 reasons you gain weight when you're on a vegan diet
5 reasons you gain weight when you're on a vegan diet

Followers of vegetarian and vegan diets, which exclude meat, dairy and animal products to varying degrees, usually enjoy a he althy weight. If you too have decided to follow this diet, which mainly includes foods of plant origin, your expectations were probably to lose extra pounds. However, this does not happen. In some cases, you may even gain weight. Why is this so?

You are consuming too many processed and packaged vegan foods

Just because a food is labeled "vegan" doesn't automatically mean it's low in calories. Some foods suitable for vegans are even higher in calories than the standard ones. They also contain large stores of s alt and fat, which interfere with your metabolism and make you gain weight. In addition, sugars and artificial sweeteners are also present in these products, which makes them no less harmful than conventional ones.

Eat too many carbs and little protein and fat

Even though you've switched to a vegan diet, that doesn't mean eating only carbs. To compensate for the lack of protein and fat from meat and animal products, you need to include plant foods rich in plant protein and fat such as legumes, nuts, soy, tofu, seeds.

You drink most of the calories you need for the day

You might not have thought about it, but fresh fruit and vegetable juices also have their nutritional value. By adding it to the intake of solid foods, the calories taken in are more than necessary and thus you gain excess weight. Always consider in advance the type and number of total calories for the day, adding liquids to them.

You eat too many vegan desserts

The fact that sweets are suitable for a vegan diet does not mean that they are calorie-free. They contain sugars, artificial and alternative sweeteners, which, although considered he althy, still bring excess calories to the body. Keep them in mind.

Forgetting portion control

Eating handfuls of nuts? Wrong tactic. Nuts are useful, but this does not make them low-calorie, on the contrary. You have to be careful with them, because added to the rest of the calories taken for the day, they can be the last straw.

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