3 mistakes of the vegan diet

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3 mistakes of the vegan diet
3 mistakes of the vegan diet

Many people choose the vegan diet as a way of eating. Some do it out of personal conviction, others to lose weight.

Whatever the motivations for doing so, there are some common mistakes that many make regarding the vegan diet. Who are they?

Lack of Whole Foods

Don't think that if you start choosing vegan products, but processed ones, it won't affect your he alth. On the contrary!

Instead of buying processed vegan breads, vegan whole grain crackers, vegan mayo, vegan cheese, vegan candy, focus on real foods.

If you eat more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and other superfoods, you won't have he alth problems.

You take in very few calories

Plant foods contain far fewer calories than any other food. This is also the reason why you feel more tired, without energy, without mood. If you suffer from such symptoms, you need to change your diet.

Include more meat and dairy substitutes. Proteins and fats are vital for the body to function properly.

Avoid the fat

Having talked about proteins and fats, we must emphasize the function of he althy fats for the body.

Fats and fatty acids play an important role in the construction of the cell, the repair of its membranes and its permeability, and hence its ability to communicate with surrounding cells and tissues.

contains a risk of reducing fat intake, which is dangerous for the body. To get them, eat more raw seeds, nuts, fruits, olive oil, avocados, coconut oil. Don't live on vegetables and fruits alone.

People often neglect their hunger, especially women who want to lose weight. However, you are not doing your body a favor. It goes into a state of distress and tries to absorb every calorie it gets in order to preserve itself.

So don't be surprised if, despite your fasting, extra calories and fats stick here and there.

Instead of struggling unnecessarily when you feel hungry, eat a fruit and drink a glass of water. This way you will protect yourself from consuming something processed and harmful, even though it is presented as "vegan" in commercial networks.

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