Easy weight loss with the Vegan diet up to 6

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Easy weight loss with the Vegan diet up to 6
Easy weight loss with the Vegan diet up to 6

Veganism is not only a way of eating, but also a way of life. Unlike vegetarians, who exclude red meat, fish and chicken from their menu, vegans completely exclude animal products. They don't even consume eggs and dairy products.

Many world famous personalities have adopted veganism as a way of eating, some of them are Beyoncé, Bill Clinton, Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone and others. Can Veganism Help You Lose Weight?

According to Mark Bittman, who is a nutrition expert can. His book “Vegan to 6” introduces readers to the principle of this diet.


The author himself was able to lose extra pounds and significantly improve his he alth thanks to this eating model. What are you required to follow in the Vegan to 6 (VB6) diet?

especially for those of you who don't like following strict diets.

From the moment you wake up until 6 pm you are required to eat only fruits, vegetables (consume them in abundance), pulses (in moderation), nuts, whole grains (in moderation), dairy substitutes (in moderation).

After 18 hours, it is allowed to consume your favorite foods such as meat, eggs, dairy products in moderate quantities. Although some experts deny this eating pattern, shedding excess pounds is a fact.

According to Bittman, even when we struggle with excess weight, we should not deprive our organism of small temptations.

Here is a sample menu:


Pre-soaked oats with fresh fruit, nuts, a little honey and almond milk or you can make a banana, mango, coconut, peach shake with some ice


Fresh vegetable salad with chickpeas or nuts; you can make steamed vegetables, clear vegetable soup

Breakfast before lunch and afternoon snack – fresh fruits, vegetables or nuts.


Everything you want, but in small quantities! For example, grilled meat, grilled fish, a sandwich or a serving of ice cream. Drink plenty of water, avoid s alt and sugar if possible.

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