How to make Easter eggs like cacti

How to make Easter eggs like cacti
How to make Easter eggs like cacti

If you are tired of the traditional Easter egg decoration, try something new, fresh and interesting – eggs as cacti The idea of this decoration is great for Easter and beyond, as it can be used not only with real edible eggs, but also with wooden or plastic ones to decorate your kitchen or living room.

What do you need to make cactus eggs for Easter?

  • Egg paint or acrylic paint in green;
  • Egg paint or acrylic paint in white;
  • Paint brushes;
  • Wax candle;
  • Colored paper;
  • Glue.

Boil the eggs. Dry and cool to room temperature if you will be using the acrylic paint. If you prefer traditional green egg dye, dye the eggs while they are still hot. Set them aside to dry. In case you choose the acrylic paint, paint the eggs with a brush. The white dots that play the role of the spines of the cactus are applied with another clean brush after the green paint is completely dry.

If you don't have white paint, use the wax candle. Coat the eggs with it even before you dye them. So after placing them in the paint, these places will remain unpainted.

From the colored paper, make flowers to stick on the top of the egg. They will make your egg cacti bloom and beautiful.

If desired, you can arrange the eggs in a pot with pebbles as shown in the picture so that they look like real succulents.

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