The secret of perfect cream

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The secret of perfect cream
The secret of perfect cream


Often, many housewives fail to prepare sweet cream for their cakes. This is because whipping cream is a bit fickle and needs special attention and preparation to become perfect.

1. It is very important to start with a chilled bowl. Thus, the cream will set faster and will not be diluted. It is best if the bowl is metal. And the glass joint, but there is a danger of being scratched by the mixer.

2. Wait for the cream to increase 3 times its volume - this is how you will know if it is ready. It's good to use a bigger bowl.

3. At first, run the mixer on a lower speed and gradually increase.

4. If your recipe calls for adding sugar or flavorings, add them when the cream starts to thicken. Usually, pastry cream is flavored with 1 teaspoon of sugar for every 1/2 cup of cream. You can add one capsule of vanilla extract or vanilla powder if you like.

5. After each addition of sugar or vanilla, increase the speed of the mixer. Whip the cream until soft peaks form and a smooth texture. You'll know them when the whisk produces soft curled tips when removed from the bowl.

6. Avoid over whipping the cream. "Whipped" cream looks more like cottage cheese than a creamy mixture, and you will have a hard time using it as a decoration.

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