The secret to perfect strawberries in chocolate for Valentine's Day

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The secret to perfect strawberries in chocolate for Valentine's Day
The secret to perfect strawberries in chocolate for Valentine's Day


If you haven't figured out what to surprise your loved one with for Valentine's Day, bet on the classic – strawberries wrapped in chocolate This one a delicious and delicate dessert is a suitable way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but it does not prevent you from indulging yourself with it at any time of the year.

How to cook it in the most perfect way? Here are the steps that reveal the secret to perfect strawberries in chocolate.

1. Avoid green strawberries or those that are not fully ripe.

2. Let them rest at room temperature. So the end result will be brilliant.

3. Dry them well. If the strawberries are wet, the chocolate will not stick to them well and the effect will fail.

4. Save the leaves and stems. This way, the chocolate strawberries will be easier to grab and eat.

5. Add oil. For every 200 grams of chocolate, add 2 tablespoons of butter. Thus, the texture of the chocolate glaze will become soft, tender and smooth.


6. Melt the chocolate in a water bath. This also contributes to its smooth consistency, avoiding lumps and burning.

7. Use a microwave. For those who prefer it over hotplates, be careful not to burn the chocolate. The microwave works on a different principle and there is a danger of dropping it. Every 15 seconds, stop and stir to make sure it melts and doesn't burn.

8. For emergencies. If the chocolate still burns and lumps form, add a little more fat and stir in a water bath. You can add coconut oil or grape seed oil. They help restore the smoothness of the chocolate.


9. Romance in pink. To make the Valentine surprise complete, make your strawberries pink. To do this, melt white chocolate and add a little pink dye to it.

10. The immersion technique. After you have carefully dipped the strawberry in the chocolate, give the fruit a gentle shake so that the chocolate fills in any little dimples. Then turn the strawberry upside down so that it "steps" on its stem. This way the chocolate will run down to the green leaves.

11. Use skewers. String strawberries on a stick for more variety.

12. Start with the decoration. You can draw whatever you want on the already chocolate covered strawberries. Use another color of melted chocolate. Using a posh or a syringe, draw patterns on the strawberries.

13. Cool well. For a perfect finishing touch to your chocolate strawberries, chill them in the fridge for 2 hours.

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