What is put on the table on Palm Sunday?

What is put on the table on Palm Sunday?
What is put on the table on Palm Sunday?

On April 17, 2022 (Sunday) we celebrate. This great Christian holiday is one of the so-called moving holidays, it is not on a specific date, but always falls on the Sunday after Lazarus Day, one week before Easter and is one of the best spring holidays.

It is dedicated to the solemn welcome of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem with olive and laurel branches.

That's why on this day everyone goes to the festive church mass with willow branches, bunches of geraniums and other spring flowers.

On Palm Sunday name day everyone celebrates with names of flowers, plants or trees. While preparing for it, we should not miss the festive table – what is prepared and eaten on this day?

Sunday is the first day after Lent on which we can eat fish. Apart from the fish, however, all other meals are commanded by the church to be lean -. Greens are honored on this day - nettles, nettles, spinach, with which you can prepare wonderful soups and stews.

You should not put fatty dishes because the fasting is still going on. Even the fish that you will prepare for the holiday should not be too oily, but drier and necessarily roasted. For dessert, it is good to put fresh fruit or homemade cakes, but without eggs or milk. Here are some suggestions for lean but delicious desserts:

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