For the most delicious Christmas cookies and Christmas bread

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For the most delicious Christmas cookies and Christmas bread
For the most delicious Christmas cookies and Christmas bread


In the cold December days, there is nothing better than the comfort of a warm home when the whole family has gathered around the festive table. The baking of Christmas sweets and sweets, the aroma of vanilla and warm chocolate, the fresh breath of lemon and orange further contribute to the Christmas mood

So that the result is guaranteed to be appetizing, we have prepared some tips for baking Christmas cookies and Christmas pie.

Small Sweets

1. Preparation: A crumbly butter dough is suitable for Christmas cookies. The necessary products for it are traditionally flour, baking powder Dr. Oetker, sugar, butter (margarine), vanilla sugar Dr. Oetker, essence rum or lemon Dr. Oetker and depending on the recipe egg, sour cream, nuts, etc.

From all the products described in the selected recipe, knead a smooth dough, then wrap in household foil and leave for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator. This will harden the butter in it and make it easier to further process it such as rolling out and cutting/shaping cakes. Do not use liquid fat (oil, olive oil, liquid margarine) because the dough will not form well and will shrink during baking. Do not improvise and arbitrarily add additional flour, because in this way the dough will become crumbly and the baked sweets will be hard.

2. Cutting small cakes Divide the dough into portions, roll them out one after the other on a lightly floured surface and cut out the cakes with molds. Try to leave as little excess dough as possible, because as it is repeatedly kneaded and floured, it becomes increasingly dry and crumbly.

So that the dough does not stick to the molds when cutting, from time to time dip them in a little flour.

3. Storage. You can store shortcrust pastry by wrapping it tightly in cling film and placing it in an envelope, then freezing it. Before using the frozen dough, let it thaw at room temperature, without heat.

4. The finished baked cakes of different types from the same dough should be stored in a box or a glass jar with a lid, and it is recommended to separate each row of small cakes with household foil or baking paper. Small sweets with more spices and different flavors are recommended to be stored separately from each other so that the flavors do not mix.

Our suggestion for small sweets areFlaming Hearts”.

The Christmas Bread

Every table on Christmas Eve must be decorated with a delicious Christmas pie with fortunes. Kneading the dough sounds challenging, but by following the following basic tips, success is guaranteed.

1. Dry yeast Dr. Oetker is mixed with the flour, not diluted in warm liquid. The first step is to sift the flour and mix well with the dry yeast, then add the rest of the ingredients according to the recipe.

In order to activate the swelling function of the yeast, it is necessary that the liquid (milk or water) is not cold, but with a temperature of around 37°C – lukewarm to warm.

2. The dough made with yeast is not baked immediately after kneading, but is left to rise in two stages to become fluffy and soft after baking. The first rise is after all the products are kneaded to a smooth dough - then the dough, covered with a cloth or household foil, is left to stand in a warm place (near heating) until it visibly increases in volume.

3. After the first rise, the dough is kneaded once more on a lightly floured surface, shaped according to the recipe (the coin is placed in the pita), placed in a pre-oiled baking dish and left again in a warm place, until it increases its volume again. This way the dough will remain fluffy after baking.

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