Signs that you are addicted to carbohydrates and habits that contribute to it

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Signs that you are addicted to carbohydrates and habits that contribute to it
Signs that you are addicted to carbohydrates and habits that contribute to it

Overweight is the first step to obesity. A dynamic everyday life is no excuse for how we take care of our bodies. Because when we suffer from excess weight, which poses risks to our he alth, it means that we most likely eat more, especially carbohydrates. Unfortunately, scientists have proven that we can become addicted to our favorite sweets and pasta. What are the signs of such an addiction and what habits contribute to it?

Every meal ends with dessert

People who are addicted to carbohydrates cannot think of not ending their lunch or dinner with a delicious dessert. Even if they ate a lot, for them the favorite cake, waffle, etc.are absolutely mandatory. In some cases, if their breakfast was in the form of something s alty, sometimes they want to add a little something sweet. A constant craving for desserts is a sign that you are addicted to this type of carbohydrate.

You eat in stressful situations

When you have difficult days, stressful periods, do you eat even when you are not hungry?Emotional eating is a great enemy of he alth and a habit that pushes us to consume amounts of harmful carbohydrates to "feel emotionally better" good'. Burgers, sweets, packaged treats, pasta…

You start eating sugary foods immediately after sleep

What's your breakfast? Does it include sugary, pasta snacks? And after sleep your body seems to crave them? The habit of starting your day like this makes the body addicted to this type of breakfast and foods in general.


Feeling sluggish after eating

This is a sure indicator that you are consuming too many carbohydrates, and those that carry more calories and less useful nutrients. When the correct balance between foods is not achieved, the body goes into a resting process. Sugar and insulin levels rise sharply, then there is a sharp drop.

You never get just 1 piece

Another bad habit that increases carbohydrate consumption is the inability to control the amount you eat. Instead of 1-2 bars of chocolate or biscuits, we eat everything in the package. This easily happens when we watch TV, work in front of a computer. A habit that makes our body want more and more harmful foods.

Still hungry after eating

Even though you have eaten a large bowl of spaghetti, a potato and meat dish, a large pizza, etc., soon after you have eaten, you feel hungry again. The problem is that you have too many carbohydrates, and their type is obviously not recommended for you in these large quantities. Since hunger can be unnerving, you usually eat "something small".

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