How to eat while on vacation

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How to eat while on vacation
How to eat while on vacation

In the season of vacations and relaxing trips, eating is a common problem. You can't always follow a normal diet on the road, especially if you like camping or hiking. At the beach, food would also be a problem, because what your diet contains is not always available.

If you have a summer vacation trip coming up and want to feel great and light in the heat, check out what you need to do!

Plan meals

Think about the food you will consume throughout the day. Plan what products you need to get them. For example, if you want to have a he althier breakfast and lunch, fill the basket with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread. At dinner, you can enjoy a restaurant meal.

Follow the one serving rule

If you are traveling with company and dinner is supposed to be more substantial, for meals during the day take lighter foods, preferably simple, unpackaged and unprocessed foods. Remember not to fill your plate a second time. In the summer heat, it is not advisable to overeat.

Choose food specific to the region

If you are traveling far from your place of residence, treat yourself to something typical of the place you are. Try as many dishes and products as possible that are found in these places. This is almost always a guarantee that they are fresh.

Light drinks

In the heat of summer, light alcoholic cocktails, wine or beer are best. A good addition to your alcoholic drink would be fresh fruit juice, preferably blueberry or grapefruit juice. They are the least caloric.

How to proceed if you travel by different vehicles?

Travel by car

  • To avoid eating out of boredom and constantly munching on biscuits, candies or desserts, you can do some tricks.
  • Make a stash - in the glove compartment of the car, store in small containers a variety of useful foods for snacking on the road, such as almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts. They will satisfy your craving for something tasty without breaking your diet.
  • Move tempting desserts away, for example in the back of the trunk. This will make it easier to prevent you from nibbling on unhe althy foods all the way.
  • Bring enough protein, like skim cheese or packaged bowls of hummus, to snack on a whole-wheat slice.

Air travel

Don't forget to bring a water bottle if you are traveling by plane. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the trip. The air in the plane is dry and poses risks of dehydration during a long flight. Also, if you are well hydrated, it will be harder for you to give in to temptations and treats.

According to experts, we often think about eating when we are actually thirsty.

If you are at the beach

In no case do not give in to the temptation to stuff yourself with only fries and fried fish on the beach! As mouth-watering as these treats are, don't let them take over your holiday diet.

Instead, grab some apples, 2-3 slices spread with peanut butter, which will help you in a moment when you need energy. You can also enjoy plain yogurt topped with fresh fruit. This fresh treat will fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth.

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