Is it possible to give up fried food?

Is it possible to give up fried food?
Is it possible to give up fried food?

Giving up fried food is almost like giving up cigarettes. Or not quite. This is what ex-smokers have to say.

But if you are the one who cooks at home and decide that you will no longer use the pan to fry slices, potatoes, zucchini, etc. If you give the fryer as a gift - you have already taken two big steps.

Undoubtedly fried foods are delicious – breaded fried cheeses, calamari, clams… but after them you can get heartburn and enjoy various negative consequences. Of course, this does not happen once, but over the years.

That's why as kids everyone loves grandma's fries, granny's softies and so on fried goodies even after grandma is gone but they still love fried, suddenly it turns out that they also inherited a lot of stomach problems.

Well, it doesn't happen to superhumans with iron stomachs, but ordinary people can get gastroesophageal reflux disease or something equally unpleasant. And if you listen to gastroenterologists – this is a gift from grandma for life.

And then you won't have to give up fried food, but it's like a smoker giving up cigarettes after a cancer diagnosis.

You will definitely live longer, but hardly more smoothly and happily. According to research, when frying, he althy foods become not only tasty, but also poisonous.

With the high heat required for frying, the fatty acids in the oil, as well as the proteins, begin to break down into carcinogenic ingredients.

And this happens with both meat and potatoes and vegetables.

The only useful move is to forgo frying in favor of boiling, baking or steaming.

In case we are highly addicted to frying, we can start a gradual withdrawal.

Less often we visit grandma, aunt and aunt, who always fry a variety of delicacies for their guests.

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