"The taste of adventure" - Ivan Radenkov

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"The taste of adventure" - Ivan Radenkov
"The taste of adventure" - Ivan Radenkov

After the success of "Frant the cat and the mysterious island", the famous children's writer Ivan Radenkov is back with a new tasty-sweet title. In The Taste of Adventure, the author tells 10 stories about gluttons that will not only make little readers laugh, but are sure to whet their appetites! Yana Kazakova's original illustrations will further sharpen their desire for culinary-literary adventures, and the echo of "pancake-pancake-chin-chin-chinky" will echo long after the book is closed.

Fresh as a green salad from the home garden, puffy as a bun, soft and crispy, still warm-warm, "Taste of Adventure" meets us with characters such as the tomato pirates, Kraishnik the bear and crustaceans, Jean-Pierre the pig, Joe The Hound and the Pancake Monster. But don't be fooled by their seemingly humorous names – this book comes with strict instructions for use. She is:

like chocolate – we have to be careful that it doesn't stick to the fingers;

like ice cream - it is recommended to read quickly it will melt;

like a cake - it's mandatory to use a napkin culturally, but never wipe your smile!

The "Taste of Adventure" is an excellent side dish for any good meal. According to the author, this funny book should be kept close to the table, on the pastry shelf or in the flour cupboard. "And when you sit down to eat, take it out and read a story to the family: so that the food becomes more delicious and a greedy flame shines in the children's eyes. Eat it with the covers and ask for extra!”

The premiere of the book, after which every child will leave with a full stomach, will take place on October 26 at 11:00 a.m. at the Greenwich Book Center, 37 Vitosha Blvd.


About the author

Ivan Radenkov… crunch-crunch…

Oh, sorry! Ivan Radenkov is a prominent Bulgarian glutton, by the way, a distant cousin of the Pancake Monster. M-m-perhaps you've heard that, untroubled by either crustaceans or tomato pirates… squish-squish… he writes boldly about all their adventures and allows himself… squish-squish… to make fun of them most calmly in stories with pictures.


Pancake and the Pancake Monster

Pancake lived in the flour jar. He was a sweet little one of those who live in the big kitchens with immense cupboards, or in the cellars, by the jam and compotes. Of all things Pancake liked to eat pancakes with cheese. In the mornings, as soon as Mrs. Mimi, the landlady, got up to make breakfast for her children, he would curl up and dig deep into the huge jar while she scooped the top with a spoon. Then he would quietly slip away and shake himself off the flour… but not so much that his nice brown waistcoat would not be noticed against the white background. In this disguise he leaned on the edge of the jar and dreamily watched the magical operations of turning the flour, eggs and milk into pancakes. Pancake had tried each of the products individually and was not at all impressed with their taste, not to mention bitterly disappointed. How then did they create such a perfect breakfast? Miracle! Not a word!

The children woke up, lined up around the table and started to eat the pancakes. They ate them s alted - with cheese and yellow cheese. They also ate sweets - with different sweets: from strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, sour cherries and white cherries. Or with rosehip, plum or apricot marmalade. Sometimes they also made sweet and s alty pancakes with honey and cheese, or with goat cheese and figs.

Pancake just watched, drooling and making wet balls in the flour. Remember how the flour sometimes clumps up? It's because of such gluttons as Pancake.

After breakfast, the children went to school and the parents to work. In the kitchen, there were uneaten pieces of pancakes, crumbs on the plates, all kinds of leftovers from breakfast, which in turn turned into a real feast for the little bomber.

Pancake had friends - various other bombers from the house who hung around the cupboards and in the closet. He also hung out with many beetles and winged beetles who came for the summer, but with the first rains they packed their bags and disappeared somewhere without even saying a single "goodbye". Short seasonal friendships, after which the poor bomber often felt sad and sighing-sniffing.

But one day Mrs. Mimi decided to go on a diet. Pancakes and other pastas were banned from the family menu. Our poor Pancake jar dried up, the once bottomless cornucopia now gaping empty and dark as a cave.

The echo of his own anxious footsteps seemed to repeat:

“Pancake-pancake-chin chin-chinky…”

The bread paner bomber also complained about the diet. Things were going bad. Pancake had heard the farmer Joe say that it was the best in the country. And the eggs were eggs, and the milk was with cream! One evening Joe announced that he was going to the village at dawn to his parents. Pancake didn't sleep all night. Think, think, wonder and decide:

Farewell everyone. He wasn't an ill-mannered curmudgeon. He promised to write and settled into one of the compartments of Owner Joe's leather bag as if he had a plane ticket. He waved, flipped through a magazine, and put on his seat belt.

Early in the morning, before it was even dark, the owner shouldered the bag, crossed the threshold and sank into the morning mist.

The journey was long, and there was a lot of stuff in the bag. Pancake couldn't sleep. Unfortunately, he couldn't enjoy the view from inside. Finally, however, the bag went silent. They had arrived. Pancake waited for a while, but suddenly his tummy growled, "I'm hungry."

He peeked out of the bag and looked around hungrily. It was on a table that was piled high with buns, pancakes, fried slices Pancakes! Yellow like daisies, milky, fluffy and tender like… like the most delicious pancakes in the world!

He ate like he was an Olympic pancake eater. And when there was no more room in his stomach, when he had no strength to chew, he looked for a place to rest. As if in a dream, he climbed onto the tall cupboard, found the jar of flour, and without thinking much, fell into it and fell asleep.

Woke up to a pleasant hum. The bees landed from flower to flower in the garden, heavy with aromas and rich colors, and the sun caught with his eyelashes through the open window. In general, a gentle indifference reigned. This is where he would be happy, the little bomber dreamed…

However, something was not quite right. There was a loud, obscene smacking sound from across the table. Something huge was swaying there, some kind of shaking-lumpy… grumpy-toothy… greasy-oily…


Which was eating pancakes! At the same time, how! He just popped them in his mouth and swallowed them without chewing. You should know that in order to eat, Pancake ate at best a tiny piece of pancake - that's how small he and his belly were.

But this… something reached for the last pancake and gobbled it up as Pancake blinked, then licked the now empty plate.

“Pancake Monster! - this is /?g& 1 ", thought our hero and hid in the jar.

Soon the Pancake Monster rolled over to a huge sugar bowl on the table and stuffed himself inside. Here, then, was where he lived! As he climbed, he pushed the s alt shaker and spilled it on the tablecloth, leaving behind greasy marks, crumbs and mess everywhere.

Pancake stood quietly in the flour jar and was a little afraid, but more indignant at the monster's attitude to food. He spent a whole day hidden without coming out. Twice more, he witnessed the ugly antics of the Pancake Monster, who also attacked the buns, spilled the raspberry syrup, and started lickin' right off the table. Apparently he needed a good lesson in manners and a serious diet! Pancake decided not to be afraid, but to take action.

Jo entered the kitchen in the company of two smiling old men.

– Mom, Dad, I'm leaving for the city in half an hour. I promised Mimi I'd be home in time for dinner. Thank you for the vegetables!

Pancake thinks and calculates for a long time. He was a very smart bomber and was constantly inventing things and surprising his friends. Now his ingenuity would be of great use to him: he came up with a plan. Once he was sure the monster was fast asleep, he put his plan into action.

With a huge effort of his little body, he grabbed the sugar bowl by the window handle with a rubber band. The sugar inside rose rhythmically over the belly of the snoring monster. Pancake groped very quietly. He found two skewers and stuck them on Joe's bag so that the opening gaped against the sugar bowl. With two knives, make a kind of slide between the bag and the edge of the table, with an inclination towards the opening. Just in case, sprinkle in the bag and bait: crumbs from the fried slices. It was just over and Joe went in to get his bag. Pancake hid behind a vase of flowers. Even upon his arrival he had noticed that every time the door was opened there was a draft. The window slammed, the rubber band stretched powerfully, released suddenly and sent the sugar bowl straight into the bag! Joe didn't notice anything that happened, only widened his eyes at the sight of the two skewers on the bag. He left them on the table and walked out with the bag under his arm containing the sugar bowl and the monster inside.

– Monster! Palachinko shouted, delighted with his success. - You're going on a diet with Mrs. Mimi! I hope you learn some manners - then we will surely see each other again. And I promise not to become like you! After all, it's full of wonderful juicy fruits and vegetables, which are not only fresh and tasty, but also very useful… I'm starting to alternate pancakes with vitamins!

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