In top shape for the New Years party

In top shape for the New Years party
In top shape for the New Years party

The everyday life of a modern woman is a constant race to achieve the ideal of femininity and beauty. The modern woman copes with all challenges with a few touches of the touchscreen and does not just take care of her vision. She has turned beauty and youth into a cult. And in addition to diligent activities in sports centers, he also relies on the latest technological innovations for contouring the body.

According to the dermato-aesthetic therapist Boryana Timneva from the Jewel Skin clinic, undoubtedly the most effective technology for tightening, smoothing and rejuvenating the skin is multipolar radio frequency (Vella Shape). In the case of local fat accumulations, the Icon technology is the most effective, the mechanical action similar to manual massage combined with fractional stimulation. And when the goal is to reduce cellulite, the combination of different technologies and methods is an excellent solution (Triactive+), because reduction requires time and a complex approach.

Jewel Skin is adamant that when choosing a hardware procedure, we must consult a specialist in this field. And after a thorough examination and in-depth analysis of problem areas on the body, an individual plan of procedures and a combination of different technologies to deal with the problem should be drawn up. motor activity. We always recommend our clients to improve their eating habits, increase their daily water intake and move more," explains therapist Boryana Timneva of Jewel Skin.

Here are the top 3 body shaping technologies that will surely help you leave a charming memory of yourself in December given the looming tsunami of corporate parties, name days and the star-studded climax of New Year's Eve.

VELA SHAPE. The procedure combines radio frequency, infrared light and vacuum massage at the same time. And the end result is a reduction in fat deposits, girth and cellulite. Light and controlled radio frequency increase oxygen at the intracellular level by heating. The vacuum and specially designed massagers smooth the skin and facilitate safe and effective energy reaching deep into problem areas. And with this perfect synergy, the metabolism is accelerated and the lymphatic drainage is increased. The effect is visible between the first and second procedures, and the reduction of cellulite is after the fourth procedure. It has been proven that the average reduction in circumference after a course of treatments with Vela Shape ranges from 1.5 to 7.5cm. Unlike the other procedures, it gives very quick results because it is stronger and more aggressive than them. It can be combined with manual anti-cellulite massage, with detox Colon therapy. Naturally to have an effect - with sports and a proper diet.

ICOONE. The innovative medical device has exceptional possibilities for the removal of various imperfections in the body area such as sagging buttocks, double chin, cellulite. In the case of cellulite, the kinesitherapist mentally outlines the problem areas, then with the help of a tip, he goes over them with special movement and rhythm techniques, changing the directions of movement - first up and then down. The action of Icoone is very similar to manual massage, but with far more "extras" that the human hand cannot do. The human hand can pinch, lift and stretch the skin, but it cannot perform this fractional pulsating action, thanks to which the accumulated lymph fluid is dispersed and helps fight cellulite, for example. In addition, the mini and micro rollers stimulate fibroblasts, increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin and improve the elasticity, density and tone of the skin in general. To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to do 15 procedures every other day. The procedure is fully compatible with other procedures such as mesotherapy and Vela Shape. Icoone is the ideal tool for shaping areas that have recently undergone liposuction. The use of the tool has been proven effective not only in the treatment of cellulite, but also in the therapy of the lower limbs, burns, muscle pains and cramps, loss of muscle tone in the abdominal area, scars from surgical interventions.

TRIACTIVE+ This is the most proven cellulite treatment device. The machine is a mix of ultrasound, laser, radio frequency, vacuum massage and cooling. It effectively deals with local fat deposits, skin laxity and lymphatic stagnation.

TRIACTIVE+ has different tips for different areas. The action of the device is to turn the fat into a liquid and help to expel it afterwards. First, the machine works with ultrasound at a low frequency and deep penetration, affecting fat deposits. It is used only in the lower part of the body - abdomen and legs. Then the diode laser is turned on, which is used for lymphatic drainage. It can be applied both to large areas of the body and to small areas (face). Radio frequency is for tightening and stretching. It makes it possible to treat even the smallest wrinkles on the face. For a good effect, the Jewel Skin therapist recommends starting with a course of 8-10 procedures, once or twice a week. And then to do supporting procedures depending on individual needs.

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