Why is it totally OK to hate the fuss around Christmas?

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Why is it totally OK to hate the fuss around Christmas?
Why is it totally OK to hate the fuss around Christmas?

Christmas is a bright holiday, but the tension surrounding it can bring a lot of trouble. Why? Because there are thousands of circumstances that can spoil your mood!

Studies show that the most scandals and fights happen during the Christmas holidays. Many people say they hate these days. What are the reasons for this and why is it totally OK to hate Christmas?

Because of the time spent with the mother-in-law

Even if you love each other, the few hours spent together can be a real test. Not only on Christmas, but also on Christmas Eve - that's two whole days spent with them! No matter how good you are, something always pops up to argue about.

Because of family drama in all its forms

Every family has its crazy individuals. Imagine that you are just sitting at the festive table, the mood is cheerful, and at that very moment someone blurts out something extremely unacceptable. Insinuations begin, which grow into an argument, and the end is a spectacular scandal!

Do you know it? If anyone still has a festive mood left, please come to the table!

Because of friends from different companies

Have you chosen to spend the Christmas holidays with friends? Well, if you've invited friends from disparate companies who know each other but don't really grind flour together, don't expect the mood to be at its peak.

Confused situations arise, in which artificial laughter is heard forcibly, someone does not understand the jokes of the other, and another has to explain, because this joke is known only to one group of friends. All in all - a festive friendly idyll!

And if you're the host of this torture, you can't be in a festive mood.


Due to the tension between blended families

Mixed marriages, step-siblings, ex-wives, current partners - all kinds of mixes. Because of these explosive holiday combinations, you have every right to hate Christmas. Official!

Because of the stupid office parties

It is fashionable for every self-respecting company to organize a Christmas party in honor of its employees. Yes, but all sorts of shenanigans happen at these parties - drunk colleagues expose themselves to others, dancing in a way that makes others uncomfortable. Some colleague starts to hang out among his female colleagues and try his luck after the third cup.

The next day you wish it hadn't happened because it's hard to look your colleagues in the eye. An endless discussion of who presented himself and how begins. In general, the picture is complete!

Not to mention the endless wondering what is appropriate to wear and what is not. Despite wondering, there are always colleagues with cleavage that the whole office makes fun of afterwards.

Because of the holiday shopping

Holiday shopping can bring a lot of tension and stress. Christmas is the time when, somehow out of obligation, gifts must be bought. This is where the stress comes from - now what to buy, who to buy for, why to buy it? Last minute shopping, receipts, budgeting - Christmas shopping is a real nightmare!

Because you're single on Christmas

Home comfort, friends, loved ones and relatives - why the hell are they all in pairs? You're not the only one! How not to hate family holidays, when there is always someone at the table asking you - when are you going to get married, it's time!

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