Eat sunflower seeds against high blood pressure

Eat sunflower seeds against high blood pressure
Eat sunflower seeds against high blood pressure

Consumption of sunflower seeds reduces the levels of “ bad” cholesterol and is recommended for people with high blood pressure. It is recommended for hypertensives, if they want to lower their blood pressure, to eat 30 grams of nuts five times a week, experts advise.

There are many factors that increase blood pressure (hypertension). Among them are hereditary burden, mental stress, overeating, obesity, stagnant lifestyle, use of large amounts of alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of coffee and tea, s alty foods.

Symptoms of high blood pressure are expressed in headache located in the back of the head, nervousness, irritability, easy fatigue, palpitations, “ heart palpitations, shortness of breath, cardiac asthmaHeart failure with constant shortness of breath, as well as heart attack, are also possible.

Hypertension also affects the brain. Early atherosclerotic changes are observed, which affect memory and personality. In some cases, it even leads to a stroke.

When hypertension is not treated, it can lead to heart attack or cerebral hemorrhage. Treatment for high blood pressure usually begins with dietary changes.

One of the possible means of combating hypertension is precisely the consumption of sunflower seeds. Their composition mainly includes unsaturated fatty acids - linoleic (50–65%) and oleic (25–40%), which lead to the formation of the so-called " good" cholesterol This makes extremely useful in cardiovascular diseases and in high blood pressure, studies by Intersnack Bulgaria show.

Also, with elevated blood cholesterol levels, the consumption of nuts and almonds, pumpkin seeds, cereals, fish, fruits and vegetables is also desirable.

In addition, sunflower seeds are rich in magnesium. It activates enzymes that help the body use energy from food. Helps control blood pressure, regulate body temperature and acid-base balance.

As a source of vitamin D, sunflower seeds are far more valuable than even some fish sources. The presence of vitamin F in them makes them an excellent prophylactic against a number of diseases, including cancer.

I wonder what the incidence of hypertension is among Bulgarian football fans who eat industrial quantities of sunflower seeds when attending every match.

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