What do they eat for breakfast around the world?

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What do they eat for breakfast around the world?
What do they eat for breakfast around the world?

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. A large number of people miss it due to lack of appetite in the early hours or lack of time. But breakfast is important because it gives an energetic start to the day, supports metabolic processes and prevents us from overeating at lunchtime.

See how she looks in different corners of the world.


Breakfast in Japan is often light. A bowl of miso soup and rice or rice porridge is almost always the main part of breakfast, sometimes accompanied by a piece of boiled fish and pickled vegetables, and of course a cup of green tea.


Breakfast in France is also quite simple in terms of ingredients, but not in taste. A slice of well-baked French baguette topped with gorgeous butter and marmalade. Breakfast can also include pastries, fluffy croissants, accompanied by a cup of coffee and orange juice.



Rice porridge is one of the most commonly prepared breakfast foods in China, as well as in many Asian countries. Squid is sometimes added to it.


A typical breakfast in India varies by region, but is often quite similar to lunch or dinner. Most often, the first meal of the day includes spring rolls, thin lentil pancakes, steamed rice, various souses with rich spices, as well as potatoes prepared again according to a special recipe with more aromas and flavors.


In Mexico also depending on the region, snacks differ. Corn cakes, eggs, beans, cheese, chicken and sauces prepared differently.



Swiss breakfast is nutritious and he althy. It consists of muesli, nuts, raisins or other types of dried fruit, topped with yogurt.


In addition to the fresh exotic fruits that are abundant, in Brazil small cheese-filled dough balls called Pão de queijo are prepared for breakfast.


With a bowl of oatmeal with milk, fresh or frozen fruit and a little butter, the first and most important meal of the day begins in Finland.


Swedes eat sandwiches for breakfast. They are usually made with two slices of buttered bread and topped with ham, cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and a hard-boiled egg.


If you are planning a trip to faraway Venezuela, know that for breakfast they will serve you a soft corn tortilla filled with a variety of fillings such as cheese, meat, beans and more.

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