4 ways to encourage children to eat he althy

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4 ways to encourage children to eat he althy
4 ways to encourage children to eat he althy

Telling a child to eat he althy is not enough. Every kid wants to eat candy, chocolates, pizza and chips. Young children have no conscious motivation to take care of their he alth. It is the parents' task. A task that in many cases turns out to be extremely difficult. For the good he alth of the growing child, it is very important that he eats he althy food and minimizes the intake of harmful processed and sweet products.

How to make the child eat he althier every day?

Plan snacks and snacks

When it comes to eating, planning is the best way to limit your intake of unhe althy foods. This applies to both children and adults. Once you have a pre-made he althy snack in a box in your bag, you're less likely to reach for a chocolate bar or a ready-made cupcake from the store.

Even if you can't prepare all the intermediate snacks in advance, you can afford to buy some ready-made product, however, in which there is a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and he althy fats.

Stick to the routine as much as you can

Every parent knows how difficult it really is to structure everything in a child's daily life into a well-defined routine that aims to ensure the best development for the growing little one. There are too many circumstances that prevent this routine from being followed. However, it is important not to give up.

In nutrition, every parent should also try to stick to a certain regimen as much as possible so that the child can get all the necessary nutrients important for his growth.

Let the child eat what you eat

If the parent does not set an example for the child, he cannot follow a he althy diet. The child must see that his parents try to eat he althy products. It is good for him to hear parental explanations of why these foods are useful and what they contain. Avoid doing it like reading a lecture because it has the opposite effect. Rather, explain about the usefulness of food somehow in between, so that the child does not feel your advice as an edification of what to eat and what not to eat, but to understand the essence and importance of he althy eating.

Children who daily witness their parents' efforts to follow a he althy eating pattern develop a positive relationship with food, manage their diet and weight more successfully in the future, and monitor their he althy habits later in life. life.

Don't restrict them completely from sweets

No matter how hard you try, you cannot totally forbid the child from touching sweets and desserts. You can have some success in the earliest childhood, but in the school stage of the child's development, when he is out of your supervision for a large part of the day, he will have the opportunity to touch all the forbidden temptations that you otherwise do not allow him.

Anything that is totally forbidden is always more appetizing and attractive than anything else that is allowed. So don't be extreme and don't use tricks like "if you eat sugar you'll get sick" that some parents mistakenly use.

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