The Customs of Sirni Zagovezni (Forgiveness)

The Customs of Sirni Zagovezni (Forgiveness)
The Customs of Sirni Zagovezni (Forgiveness)

On March 6, 2022 we celebrate the holiday of Sirni zagovezni, also called Forgiveness, Pokladi or Forgiveness Sunday. This holiday is always celebrated 7 weeks before Easter and one week after Meat Market. The day after Sirni Zagovezni begins

On Sirni zagovezni, we ask for forgiveness from all our relatives and friends, to whom we apologize for the offenses during the year, if we have offended or neglected them at any time. Traditionally not only husbands ask for forgiveness, because it is known that the next day they may quarrel again.

Fish, butter, eggs, milk, cheese, any dairy products, cheese pie, leeks, onions or sauerkraut, without meat, are put on the evening table.

One of the most beloved rituals - the custom " amkane" or " hamkane" is done precisely after dinner. To perform the ritual, it is necessary to boil an egg or prepare halva or cheese, tied on a hemp thread. It swings over the table and everyone reaches open-mouthed as the egg heads for them. Whoever bites the egg with his mouth will be the he althiest.

On Sundays, bonfires are lit and after they burn out, they are jumped over for he alth. Then people play around them and sing songs. That is why the holiday is also called Pokladi. In some parts of Bulgaria, the custom of oratniki (ogruglitsi) is widespread - these are torches made of straw, which every householder twirls around his head and thus drives away evil from the house.

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