Snacks that interfere with a slim figure

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Snacks that interfere with a slim figure
Snacks that interfere with a slim figure

We know that breakfast is useful, important for a number of processes that take place in our body, that if we want to have a good figure or try to lose weight, it is important not to miss it. But what we eat for breakfast is just as important. Even though we cut out the muffins, the pasta, the fried food, it doesn't mean we don't make some breakfast mistakes that hinder our slim figure.

Granola, Muesli

In theory, these two types of oatmeal snacks sound he althy, but if you make them at home. Ready-made muesli may contain sugar, saturated fat, the dried fruit in them may have added sugar. Instead, buy all the ingredients and make your own he althy breakfast with oatmeal, some walnuts, honey, cinnamon, fresh fruit or dried fruit that have no added sugars or flavorings.

Dairy products with too little fat

In low-fat dairy products, the lack of fat is compensated by various additives to maintain the same taste as normal-fat products, such as s alt, sugars and others. You can add to your breakfast a whole milk product in a smaller amount, without s alt. It will provide you with satiety, energy, and support metabolic processes.

You don't eat protein for breakfast

How long after you have breakfast do you feel hungry? Probably, breakfast does not provide you with satiety, energy and provokes you to eat much more at the next meal. Don't give up protein at breakfast, like eggs for example. They will provide you with the necessary nutritional elements for an energetic start to the day. If you don't consume eggs, don't forget about natural yogurt and quality whole grains.

Egg white instead of whole egg?

Egg protein is low in fat and calories. The yolk contains all the micronutrients, including fat, iron, vitamins B and D.

Fresh or canned juice

A glass of fresh oranges or your favorite juice from a box also sounds like a good start to the morning. Not for your slim figure. Even fresh contains more sugars (and less fiber) than if you eat the fruit whole. If you want to maintain a slim figure, replace the fresh fruit with a few pieces of orange, apple, etc. But if you like to drink fresh juice for breakfast, combine the fruit with some beetroot, cucumber, ginger.

Muesli bar

Most such snacks contain sugars, dried fruits with sugars, saturated fats, soy flour and other ingredients that add flavor and density to them. If you want to keep your good shape,avoid consuming them.

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