March 1 diet

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March 1 diet
March 1 diet

The March 1 diet is of course in white and red.


White cheese and red tomato - beautifully arranged like flowers, will fill us not only with calcium, but also with mood. For the tomatoes, I can't guarantee that we won't see s alted and plasticized ones, but we can replace them with slightly cheaper preservatives in the form of lutenitsa or ketchup.

Fresh milk served in a transparent glass. You can improvise with the red /red strawberry in the saucer/ or just a red straw.

Breakfast for the kids and those who don't count calories:

Slice with white cheese and tomato /or lutenitsa/.

Waffle with strawberry jam and white cream.

Pancake in white and red is also not to be missed.


Tomato soup with white cream rose.

Red peppers stuffed with cheese.

Red beetroot and white turnip salad.

Let's not forget the white color of the egg, which can find a place on your table this day, garnished with a red salad.

Yogurt with dried cherries.

For people who are not on a diet - the range in red and white expands:

Pizza with cheese and tomatoes, Spaghetti in white and red, Salmon with white rice

Red lentil soup with cream

Tomato, cheese, red and white onion salad

And for dessert: all kinds of white creams and ice creams, topped with something tasty and red.


Red caviar and cheese with white and red wine.

Or just white brine cheese sprinkled with paprika.

For dessert, and for those on a strict diet and as a main course: white and red grapefruits. For the white color you can also use pomelo.

Salmon tagliatelle

Cheese and roasted pepper bruschetta

Raspberry and white chocolate cream

Raspberry Love

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry White Chocolate Cake

Semolina with milk

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