Traditional Bulgarian feasts in the MasterChef kitchen

Traditional Bulgarian feasts in the MasterChef kitchen
Traditional Bulgarian feasts in the MasterChef kitchen

On Tuesday at 21:00 on bTV, the team battle in MasterChef will start fatally for someone. Two people will fight for one place and the opportunity to save themselves from a stress test, and the team captains will encourage maximum giving, high demands for own results and understanding between partners.

But Chef Viktor Angelov, Chef Andre Tokev and Chef Petar Mikhalchev have prepared another challenge for the contenders for the MasterChef title and the grand prize of BGN 100,000 - to forget about the comfort of the home kitchen, as well as teamwork with people who like.

The demanding jury will assign them the preparation of a three-course menu of starter, main and dessert, and each member of the team will be responsible for one course, and a mandatory requirement will be to use only one of three kitchen utensils - a regular pan, a grill pan and casserole, and without an oven. Hobby cooks will be faced with the question of control over their individualist colleagues, complete creative freedom and the distribution of utensils.

The hygiene of the cooking stations and the harmonization of the dishes in the overall menu will be subordinated to the trust in the strong players, democracy and the condition that everything is beautiful, tasty, colorful and imaginative.

Clam with coconut rum and pear cream and shrimp will compete with tuna, shrimp and scallop on vegetable jellies, filet mignon with truffle and mushroom sauce will face pork neck with Bloody Mary sauce and grilled vegetables, and the chocolate donut with fruit – with panna cotta with white and milk chocolate and mascarpone.

What are the specifics of the gelling technique, are shiitake mushroom stumps edible, can a presentation in the style of the 70s cause applause and who will impress the jury, viewers will see on Tuesday.

In the first part of the stress test, Viktor Angelov, Petar Mikhalchev and Andre Tokev will test the culinary experts' knowledge of Bulgarian national cuisine. They will have to recognize and describe all the items in the iconic kapama dish with their eyes closed, relying entirely on their senses of taste and smell.

Whoever has described the most of the 20 products in the cap will be saved at this stage, and the others will only cook with the ingredients they have guessed. Is it possible to get gourmet with no s alt or just protein, how much spice is enough, can a cocktail replace sauce and who watches the most in the MasterChef kitchen?

In the battle for survival, two gladiators will fight to impress the demanding jury and defend their place in the game with a fish appetizer and main course. Within 30 minutes, they will cook like last time, use their advantages, compare their intelligence and speed.

The battle will be harder than any other, every mistake will cost a lot, and in the end the taste will decide the fate of one of them. But the surprises don't stop there - in one of the dishes they will have to integrate the traditional Elenski leg of pork. What is the legend of the authentic local delicacy and who will leave the kitchen of the format - watch tonight.

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