Chef Nicola from Hell's Kitchen will teach people how to cook, including stars

Chef Nicola from Hell's Kitchen will teach people how to cook, including stars
Chef Nicola from Hell's Kitchen will teach people how to cook, including stars

The most attractive participant from "Hell's Kitchen" chef Nikola Simeonov took on a new challenge - organizing cooking courses. The first such will be on the topic of Italian cuisine and will be held on October 10 and 24 in the building of the Vocational High School for Tourism at "Danuv" 30. Anyone who likes to cook can participate in the training, and every time Niki will invite two guest stars each, who are no stranger to culinary skills. On October 10, the TV presenter and the most beautiful weather forecaster of BNT Eva Kikerezova and Mrs. Bulgaria Stanislava Andreeva will put on aprons. The trainings will be filmed live and will be broadcast on the Facebook page of the famous chef - Nikola Simeonov/Nikola Simeonov, as well as on the page of the event - Cooking with Chef Nikola Simeonov.

“My idea came after Hell's Kitchen, when many people started looking for me with various culinary questions. I spent a lot of time answering them and just decided to create my own Italian cooking course since I have worked in Italian restaurants almost all my life. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, we went into quarantine and I compensated with Facebook posts. They were very well received and this motivated me even more, when the situation around the virus calms down, to make a course, real, away from the virtual space, to be as useful as possible to those interested in my recipes and advice. " - shares Niki Simeonov, who after working with Gordon Ramsay, dreams of opening his own restaurant with a Michelin star in Sofia.

Chef Simeonov has prepared a la bella program for his course - tortellini, tagliatelle, arancini, risotto, homemade ricotta, etc. will be prepared. "In order to convey the greatest subtleties about the dishes, I also looked for a partnership with a chain that offers the highest quality products, and I was very happy that it was HIT hypermarkets, which recently have a new name - HIT Max, and the online store, which offers all their variety of goods, responded to the invitation", reveals the curtain boss Nikola and adds:

“I have been interested in cooking since I was little. When my mother was cooking, I would go to her and ask different questions, watch what she was doing. It was always interesting to me, but I never thought I would become a chef. Until my uncle opened a neighborhood joint. I started as a waiter, but there weren't enough cooks in the kitchen at the beginning, and I also started working as a forager. I still remember the first night I took a shift where I prepared food and not just prep. After that, I felt like a superhero and realized that I didn't want to do anything else but cook “.

What are all the Italian delicacies prepared by chef Niki Simeonov for the first culinary course - we will find out this Saturday.

The products with which the Italian delicacies will be cooked are from HIT hypermarkets, which we will see very soon with their new name HIT Max, and are supplied by the online store.

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