Who will get immunity on MasterChef?

Who will get immunity on MasterChef?
Who will get immunity on MasterChef?

On Tuesday at 21:00 on bTV in Bulgaria's most desired kitchen, a hobby cook will win the biggest advantage in the game - immunity.

The iconic badge will grant the right to swap with a competitor on the balcony at any time after a task is announced in the final or semi-final. But in order to receive it, the gladiators will have to overcome difficult challenges and convince Chef Viktor Angelov, Chef Andre Tokev and Chef Petar Mikhalchev that they have the necessary qualities to carry the dream title and the grand prize of BGN 100,000. In the first round, they will make a gourmet culinary portrait of their competitor, and the best six will continue to cook in the second stage in a battle for immunity.

Hobby cooks will be inspired by the beauty, specific characters of their opponents, even their personal sympathies, and sparks will fly in the kitchen."Old time" dishes will compete with elegant portions and "bloody" lessons, "remediation", deliberately poor presentations and controlled chaos.

Real paintings combined with refined tastes will compliment and criticize, some will be flattered and others will not recognize themselves in the dishes. Who will win the luxury of escaping from an awkward situation, how a woman should be wooed and what the "sweet juicy piece" looks like on the way to the long-awaited battle, viewers will see on Tuesday at 21:00 on bTV.

Strong characters will face gladiator power after pulling a capsule of six cups each and form their individual tasks. They will combine the categories: national cuisine - Italian, Bulgarian, Chinese and Greek; the main product for gonven - pork tenderloin, chicken leg, sole and beef tenderloin; market time – 2, 5, 10 minutes or unlimited time; mandatory seasoning – saffron, thyme, nutmeg or cinnamon and the cooking time – an hour, 45, 30 or 15 minutes.

Culinary gambling will give a field of action, lead to madness, and the three best dishes will bring their authors to the final in a battle for immunity. Hoona move, taking advantage of opportunities, nervousness, certainty of experience, thoroughness, classics, fakir granny recipes and an extra gouda will challenge the senses of the discerning jury.

And how the stress in the MasterChef kitchen compares to the birth of a child, whether thinking time or cooking time is more important, whether sabotage or proper planning will prevail, viewers will see on Tuesday.

In the final epic showdown for the immunity badge, the hobby chefs will be guided by the current MasterChef title holder Sevda Dimitrova. The winner of the cooking show's second season will challenge the gladiators to create as close a replica of a modern gourmet dish as possible with turbot, butter and vanilla scallop Saint Jacques, anise meringue, white chocolate mousse, smoky puree and a pinch of love.

The demanding jury will give them the opportunity to ask one question to the cook in order to skip the traps of the impressive recipe. Will they find the place of each product in the components, will they make the best use of the jokers, what problem can a jelly cause and can the taste surpass the presentation?

Is it possible for everyone to sit on the king's throne, will hobby cooks listen to MasterChef Sevda Dimitrova's advice that if they are good soldiers and people, their lives will surely change and who will grab immunity, viewers will see on Tuesday night.

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