Yana Petkova believes in wine

Yana Petkova believes in wine
Yana Petkova believes in wine

What profession did you dream of as a child? <P completely different things than what my friends dreamed of and which my grandmothers did not like at all. Now I understand that some of them were related to lifestyle (for a long time I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking), others - with professional choice and pressure from the grandmothers in question ("But you can't help but want to be a doctor…"), and others were the product of my confused psyche, which imagined that something reasonable should work. So, for example, I imagined myself doing something, absolutely unclear exactly what, that involved going somewhere, finishing that thing, and going home.

<P <P What are your current professional ambitions?

<P are all about wine (again not a very standard choice:-)) – both educationally and economically. Which means that I myself will continue to educate myself and pass on this knowledge to others through the Vinoto.com website, and in the near future I will have my own place where this knowledge can and will be tested practically.

<P <P Are there any moments when professionally it is difficult for you as a woman? Or do you feel discriminated against or facilitated by your gender?

<P <P that almost every woman with ambitions in our country has experienced difficulties in a professional way at one point or another.

<P luckily I don't have any at the moment. I'm my own boss. Moreover, I work and wish to develop in such an aspect (of wine) in which very few people in our country are really good and in which, fortunately, knowledge and nose, not gender, are decisive.

<P <P take stock of your journey, what will you name as your greatest success?

<P I hope such successes are ahead of me. I'm glad I took the risk to turn my hobby into a profession, but only time will tell if I can consider it a success.

<P <P which do you spend more time on, your family or your profession? Circumstances dictate it or is it your decision?

<P everyone trying to balance. Which is not that difficult for me, since I don't have children yet, and a large part of my closest relatives live outside Bulgaria, i.e. my closest family circle actually consists of me and my boyfriend.

<P <P what do you want to teach your children?

<P honesty and bravery (still not particularly highly valued virtues in today's Bulgarian society) and …. in many languages.

<P <P would you send a message to Bulgarian women?

It's hard for me to give advice or send messages…. I think that at times the Bulgarian woman lacks courage.

<P <P <P color

<P the light shades of blue.

<P <P <P song

<P so much…. For example "She's always a woman" by Billy Joel.

<P <P <P flavor

<P so many:-) Examples:

<P balsamic vinegar on Bulgarian cheese

<P kind of spaghetti with ragout sauce or what we call "bolognese" - the moment when a sip of wine is added to the bite.

<P <P cooking recipe:

<P my favorite is the aforementioned recipe "A type of Spaghetti Bolognese" by a young English chef - Jamie Oliver. They say that ingenious things are usually extremely simple. Judge for yourself -

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