10 tricks to lose 5 kg without dieting

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10 tricks to lose 5 kg without dieting
10 tricks to lose 5 kg without dieting

Losing weight… this eternal topic that torments thousands of women all over the world. Most of us have tried various diets and most of them have temporary effects. And building and maintaining a he althy diet is a real battle with everyday life, let's face it.

Do you want to know how you can lose 5 kg in a short period of time without dieting? Follow some of the following tricks.

Skip the spread

Instead of spreading your sandwich or slice with anything (most often we spread with margarine, butter and other spreads). Replace the "spread" with something flavorful or juicy, like a tomato or other juicy vegetable.

Forget bottled dressings

Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and all varieties of relish sauces should be cut from the menu because they carry empty calories due to the large amounts of s alt and sugar found in them.

Skip the chocolate bar

If somewhere in the restaurants they serve you a chocolate bar or a cookie with your coffee, skip them. This is especially true for people who like to often drink coffee with friends or colleagues.

No matter how innocent a small bar of chocolate or dessert may seem to you, it breaks your diet and adds extra calories to your body.

Skip the cans

Canned tuna, canned sweet corn, canned cooking tomatoes, canned pate - we buy too many canned goods these days.

Minimize their number or turn them off completely. They contain a number of harmful substances that interfere with he althy eating and also pose risks of diseases.

Remove the skin from the chicken

Chicken has been compromised a lot lately. Manufacturers abuse it in all sorts of ways. We know about the antibiotics and hormones the chickens are crammed with, not to mention the water that makes them look bigger and fresher.

Fat accumulates in the skin, which during heat treatment brings large amounts of excess bad cholesterol into the body. Save it for yourself.

Say goodbye to bacon

If you like bacon with eggs, you will need to reduce the amount or eliminate it from the menu altogether. It is full of saturated fats that stick directly to unwanted areas. They are also a prerequisite for various metabolic diseases.

Replace mayonnaise

Many recipes for fresh salads contain mayonnaise. Replace it with yogurt mixed with a little olive oil. It is preferable because it contains significantly less fat, and olive oil also has many useful polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Use cooking spray

To make sure you don't overdo the fat in your dishes, use cooking spray. This will make it easier for you to control the amount of fat without the risk of overdoing it.

Choose nonfat yogurt

After you have replaced the mayonnaise with yogurt, it is good that it is not full fat. Choose fat-free.

Forget s alted peanuts

50 grams of s alted peanuts bring the body 340 calories. If you are visiting or at a party where peanuts are usually served, avoid them. Choose 20-30 grams of salads - they will bring you only 230 calories.

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