Mediterranean diet for good mood

Mediterranean diet for good mood
Mediterranean diet for good mood

Often consciously or not, we try to lift our spirits with chocolate, waffles and other sweets. Especially with us, women sweetness and the pleasure of food are closely related.

A high spirit can also help us with the consumption of he althy foods. It's hard to believe at first glance, but the Mediterranean diet has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of depression by 30%.

The main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet are fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish. Eating more omega-3-fatty acids (salmon, tuna, herring, walnuts, and crude canola oil) is mood-boosting and good for he alth.

The Mediterranean diet does not aim to lose a huge amount of pounds, but to gradually influence the spirit and body in a positive direction. There are no specific prescriptions when exactly what should be eaten. A Mediterranean-type diet can be made by yourself according to your taste and the taste of the other members of the family

Cook authentic Greek, Italian (don't immediately go for the pizza) or Spanish recipes for food preparation, in which the main foods of the Mediterranean diet predominate.

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