Educational campaign "Crossing safely with TEDI" launched

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Educational campaign "Crossing safely with TEDI" launched
Educational campaign "Crossing safely with TEDI" launched

In 30 schools across the country, an educational campaign for road safety training "Crossing Safely with TEDI" is being launched. Over 8,000 children from first, second and third grades in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Velingrad and Lovech will take part in the virtual lesson developed by Timbark Bulgaria, together with experts from the Ministry of Education and Science and inspectors from Department "Traffic Police" of the Main Directorate "National Police" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Due to the complicated situation in schools during the current academic year, an online multimedia lesson in three parts has been created for elementary school students, which presents the three roles of children as participants in road traffic – PEDESTRIAN, PASSENGERS and DRIVERS.

Students in elementary grades will learn important rules for proper behavior when crossing streets, when traveling in a car, and when riding bicycles and scooters. After the lesson, they will be able to complete an online test to verify and confirm the new knowledge.

The Maspex company, part of which is Timbark Bulgaria, is already successfully conducting road safety education campaigns among the youngest students in Poland and Romania. This year, for the first time, Bulgaria becomes part of the initiative. Building the campaign entirely online, "Timbark Bulgaria" aims to implement it in a modern and secure way, in accordance with the current conditions.

“For us, taking care of children goes beyond offering them he althy and tasty drinks every day. The company believes that caring for the community in which we live and work is paramount. Our goal is that after the period of severe social isolation and limited movement outside, the children will be safe while moving on the streets, and in the longer term - to feel secure in themselves and well prepared for the moment when they will be on their own walk the way to and from school," said Savina Palikareva, Marketing Manager of Timbark Bulgaria.

In the specially developed multimedia materials of the "Crossing Safely with TEDI" campaign, the educational information is presented by inspectors from the Traffic Police Department of the National Police Directorate General, and visual demonstrations of correct and incorrect behavior are also filmed on the road. The children's favorite bear - TEDI - also participates in the videos.

"Thank you for your attention and the invitation to support and participate in the preventive campaign aimed at training and educating children about proper road traffic and I wish you success in the implementation of the project," said the Minister of the Interior Hristo Terziyski in the address to the organizers of the campaign.

About TEDI

The product line of children's nectars and juices TEDI was launched on the Bulgarian market in 2006 and since then it has been among the most preferred drinks by both children and their mothers due to its high quality and good taste. In 2012, the recipe was improved by adding honey.

The TEDI brand is well known in the market for its high quality carrot nectars, but also includes 100% apple juice, fruit drinks for the older ones and 100% fruit puree mousse. TEDI products contain vitamins A and C, which are extremely useful for the child's organism, and are produced using the most modern bottling technology with low pasteurization, which preserves all useful substances.

The cute TEDI bear, the popular character of the brand, is loved by children with his energetic, cheerful and funny nature. He appears not only in advertisements and on product labels, but also at various live events, where his favorite pastime is playing and interacting with the little ones.

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