Food for beauty

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Food for beauty
Food for beauty

What are the he althiest foods to eat to be beautiful? The truth is, there really are such foods. And no, it's not just the fruit. Here is the perfect combination that nutritionists advise you to follow for he alth, beauty and a perfect figure:


Green salad, spinach - everything with green leaves is wonderful for your he alth and necessary for the body every day! In addition to vitamins and minerals, these foods protect against diabetes and high blood pressure.


In addition to being delicious, they are also useful. Nutritionists recommend including nuts in any diet. Fibers, trace elements - all useful things for everyone. Add them to your menu daily.

Onion and garlic

It may sound strange to you, but it is a fact that onions and garlic are very useful. In addition to their properties protecting us from flu and other viral diseases, they help against asthma and stomach problems. And know - the stronger the onion, the more useful it is!


Perfect for your stomach, digestion, diet and overall beauty - eat whole grain bread, wheat, oats every day!


Let milk and native yogurt be present on your table every day! This guarantees you beautiful skin and eternal youth! In addition, milk protects against osteoporosis and supplies you with useful probiotics.

The fats in our food

Fiber and our he alth

The Seven Eating Patterns

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