Oatmeal - super food at a good price

Oatmeal - super food at a good price
Oatmeal - super food at a good price

Oatmeal is included in both culinary and cosmetic recipes. If your husband is trying to convince you that oats are animal feed, don't give in. Every diet and he alth-oriented woman knows that oats and oat milk are a powerful he althy food that should be present in every kitchen in the 21st century.

Oatmeal is a good source of carbohydrates, B vitamins, unsaturated fat and fiber, and adding the low calories, this makes them a preferred food for dieting. Fibers have a purifying effect on the digestive system and are a good prevention against constipation. Note that fine oats are poorer in fiber due to their processing.

An excellent start to the day is a fruit shake with oats. Put fresh fruit, milk and a tablespoon of oatmeal in the shaker. If desired, add vanilla or cinnamon. One such protein bomb will keep you full for a long time.

The price of oatmeal is popular - about 3 BGN per kilogram. However, if you prefer organic, you will have to pay 4 to 6 BGN for half a kilogram.

Application of oats in cosmetics: as masks or face scrub mixed with a little olive oil or fruit puree. It is better to use fine oats here.

Application of oats in cooking:

- as a basic muesli-type breakfast - with fruit, nectar, sour or fresh milk;

- in the composition of soups. Add them immediately after removing the soup from the heat, as they soften very quickly from the heat.

- in cakes and sweets;

- in the kneading of breads, savory pies, pretzels and pies;

- in vegetable salads - cabbage and carrots; beets, turnips… You must first soak the large oats in hot water for a while. You just sprinkle the fine oats.

- steamed vegetables - serve the serving with a tablespoon or two of coarse oats sprinkled on top.

The advantage of oats is that they are available even in the smallest shops. In supermarkets, look for them on the diet stand. Don't cheat on them even when you travel - take a pressure cooker and a bowl with a spoon with you, and your breakfast is secured.

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