My family's food

My family's food
My family's food

Here are some simple rules for the food we feed our children, feed our family:

Homemade food - made from basic products, no additives and semi-finished products, just products, spices, everything cooked at home is better than any imported.

Fresh food - every day something different, not canned, not frozen - both tastier and he althier.

Seasonal food – every season goes with its food, so the rhythm of everyday life is lighter; autumn - pumpkin and leek, spring - strawberries and cherries.

Raw food - what can be raw - let it be raw, every meal - at least something unprocessed thermally on the table - salad, fruit, nuts.

Bulgarian food – what is produced here is better, especially what is produced in the village, in its pure form; the food that has traveled thousands of kilometers is not fresh, it is not good, because just delivering it cost a huge resource.

Biochrana – organic, if possible, because it is often difficult to find, or quite expensive, but whenever possible, with responsibility for our he alth, with responsibility for the he alth of the planet.

This post is dedicated to International Food Day. Let us remember that there are many people who starve while others overeat. Be thankful for what we have. And always with the future in mind.

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