Vegetarianism - pros and cons

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Vegetarianism - pros and cons
Vegetarianism - pros and cons

The 70-year-old English writer Bernard Shaw - a vegetarian was once asked how he felt. He replied: "Great, only the doctors are bothering me by telling me I'm going to die because I don't eat meat." 20 years passed and Bernard Shaw turned 90. Then he was asked the same question again. "I feel great - he said. - No one bothers me anymore. All the doctors who scared me that I wouldn't be able to live without meat have already died."

And here is the opinion of several Bulgarians about vegetarianism:

Alina Micheva

Neither for nor against. Vegetables are useful (although it is not clear for them either, because of GMOs), but one needs animal proteins. They cannot be replaced by anything else

Maya Petrova

For me, this is the he althier way of eating - since I haven't eaten meat (almost 1 year) I've lost weight, I feel more alive and it's harder to get tired. But a vegetarian diet can also be unhe althy if we replace meat with a lot of bread and pasta snacks, so it requires careful selection of foods on the menu

Vladimir Nguyen

Eating non-animal products is he althy. I and many of my friends have been vegetarians for years and are in good he alth. I myself only go to the doctor for documents

Marta Pampulova

A matter of personal choice. It is bad when one goes to extremes

Orlin Milanov

Yes, and hardly a barbarian will be found who would argue on this point after Ballantyne's Basic Principles of Vegetarianism, Rizzi and Zurer's Code: Vegetarian, and a number of other works by doctors and scientists published in the last 20 years. All of them are of a high scientific level and cover many years of research on the vegetarian way of eating. However, I want to draw attention to one other thing. In these works, the main emphasis is on the he alth effect of vegetarianism on the body. Whereas I look at cannibalism or, as I call it, barbarism, as a severe mental illness, and the less one is aware of it, the more severe its form of manifestation. A consciousness that has not reached the decision to give up eating meat is still gravely ill, still not human, still barbaric

Vaska Malinova

  • Vegetarianism is not useful because sometimes one needs meat too.

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