Dispelling 8 myths about vegetarianism

Dispelling 8 myths about vegetarianism
Dispelling 8 myths about vegetarianism

On the eve of October 1 - International Vegetarian Day Polina Marinova - chairman of the Bulgarian Vegetarian Society dispels 8 myths about vegetarianism.

1. Vegetarianism is dangerous to he alth

Following a well-planned vegetarian diet is not only safe for he alth, but also contributes to the prevention and treatment of many diseases. I see vegetarianism as a powerful tool for he alth. Lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, maintenance of optimal body mass, are just some of the benefits of a vegetarian diet. According to the American Nutrition Association, people who eliminate meat from their diet have a very low risk of developing diabetes, coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

2. Vegetarianism is not recommended for small children and pregnant women

The American Nutrition Association expresses the position that a well-planned vegetarian and vegan diet is suitable for all periods of life, incl. pregnancy, lactation, childhood and adolescence. Many parents worry about whether vegetarianism will provide everything their child needs, but these concerns are unfounded. If parents still feel unsure, they just need to inquire about feeding vegetarian children. There is a lot of information on the Internet, and also many parents who raise their children this way and would not refuse to share their experience.

3. Vegetarians don't have enough physical strength

Many studies show that vegetarians are physically stronger and more durable. If we think about it, in nature the strongest and most durable animals are herbivores. The horse, the ox, the bull, the elephant, they all have strong bodies, great endurance, and phenomenal strength that enables them to carry massive loads. None of the carnivores have enough energy and stamina to be a pack animal.

4. Vegetarians have reduced libido

I have never come across any authoritative studies proving this claim. But since there are many studies proving that vegetarians are more durable, therefore they also have a better chance of performing well in bed.

5. Vegetarians are usually associated with some spiritual teaching/ alternative religion

There are many spiritual teachings, including in Bulgaria, which recommend exclusively vegetarian food. Not all vegetarians are religiously bound. More often than not, they are people who choose this lifestyle for he alth, ethical and environmental reasons. For them, vegetarianism is a responsible step towards the planet and the people and animals that inhabit it, without being tied to any religion or teaching.

6. Plant food makes you hungry quickly

Nuts and legumes hold a strainer for quite a long time. If a person gets hungry more quickly, let him just eat more often and less. It's also he althier.

7. Milk is a useful and indispensable food

There is nothing indispensable in animal foods that cannot be obtained from vegetable foods. Inadequate calcium intake is an unwarranted concern when following a he althy vegan diet. Mother's milk is a useful and indispensable food during the first few years of a person's life. It gives everything you need to build a he althy organism. Animal milk, especially cow's milk, has a completely different structure, completely different qualities compared to human milk. It is extremely difficult for the human body to absorb, because after the age of three, it does not have the enzyme lactase, which breaks down the milk sugar-lactose. Nature has foreseen that the adult individual should not breastfeed and stops the production of this enzyme.

8. Lean meals are not tasty

For most people, lean dishes are the side dish to meat, that's where this myth comes from. There is a huge variety of delicious meat-free foods that meat-eaters have never even tried. Let people try to overcome their prejudices and start experimenting with new tastes and new foods. Thus, a new world of unsuspectingly delicious, he althy and extremely diverse food will be revealed to them.

Photo 1: Polly's Sandwich

Photo 2: Polly herself, photo author Noni Panayotov

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