Revolut is also gaining popularity in the online gambling industry

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Revolut is also gaining popularity in the online gambling industry
Revolut is also gaining popularity in the online gambling industry

There are various payment services for use in online casinos, but Revolut is the first digital payment alternative with millions of users. The reason for this is that the c Revolut leads have nicks, always ca and ce processing extremely fast. +Let's also mention that many currencies are available with the help of the Revolut casino, which makes it a wonderful option for players who have for example dollars, euros, etc. There are many online casinos Revolut worldwide. One of them is Betano, which is licensed in our country.

What is Revolut and why are casinos introducing it?

Revolut was founded by Hikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko. The company was founded in July 2015. The idea for the Revolut service aims to compete with traditional banks, which take a lot of time to process transactions, have high fees and are not digitally friendly. Revolution is the digital banking alternative for younger customers that requires less time and has much lower fees.

This is a digital payment service similar to mobile e-wallets. Kлиeнтитe изтeглят пpилoжeниe, peгиcтpиpaт акаунт, cвъpзaн c тяxнaтa дeбитнa или кpeдитнa кapтa, и пoлучaвaт кapтa Rеvоlut зa извъpшвaнe нa трансакции към oнлaйн мaгaзини, oнлaйн кaзинa с Revolut и мнoгo дpуги мecтa или caйтoвe. Anyone can open an account in 29 currencies, available for multiple destinations and countries in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom. With over 2 million users, it is one of the preferred payment methods in online casinos. Vetano is no exception, providing this extremely convenient way to deposit.

Legal casinos in our country, working with Revоlut

Betano is one of the highest rated European betting platforms at the moment. The casino offers a variety of bonuses and excellent odds that are available to Bulgarian players. The platform features are super easy to understand and navigate.

Truly Betano is a well-known and reputable casino that has long proven itself, but in Bulgaria it is gradually adapting, offering all Bulgarian deposit methods, including Revolut. At the moment, other licensed casinos in our country do not provide it to their customers.

Deposit with Revolut - is it really that easy?

The process of using Revolut as a payment service is described in detail and consists of several steps that must be followed in order to perform the desired steps. First, if you still don't have a Revolut account, the next thing you need to do is download the app on your phone to verify your identity, fill in your personal details, and get started. At the same time, it is possible to use the payment service from the smartphone after approval.

This Revolut account registration may incur some fees depending on the desired plan selected. In fact, to deposit in an online casino, all you need is a standard account, which is completely free. After registration, the user connects the Revolut credit or debit card to load it with money.

This is done by registering or using an existing account in the Betano casino. The deposit page opens and a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card is selected from the payment options. There is a Revolut icon at the top right. Fill in the details of the Revolut cap, which includes the name of the cap holder, the cap number, the expiration date and the CV number located on the back of the cap. After that, the deposit amount is entered and the confirmation button is clicked.

Deposits will be transferred instantly to your personal online casino account without any additional fees from Revolut. There are some people who apply when it comes to Revolut payments. Deposits up to $1,000 are free, so a small fee of 0.5% applies. The card already used is not added a second time.

Revоlut - is it worth it?

The advantages of online casino Revolut are obvious.

• A more secure payment service that adds an extra layer of security to your online transactions;

• Opening an account is easy, free and does not require visiting a bank office;

• The Revolution is available in 29 wallets;

• Fun deposit processing – seconds after transfer you can play;

Really, in the end, the process is no different from that of a normal bank card, but it is much faster, cheaper and convenient. And at the same time – extremely safe. Revolut employees – even those in the in-app chat – never ask for the card PIN or any passwords. If someone claiming to be from Revolut asks for codes and personal information, a shortcut should be made and sent immediately via in-app chat.

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