Iuliana and Stucky showed the first photos of their son

Iuliana and Stucky showed the first photos of their son
Iuliana and Stucky showed the first photos of their son

The son of Yuliyana Doncheva and the MMA fighter StuckyStanislav, finally appeared in public space. His proud parents posed for a special Christmas photoshoot in front of LOVE Style magazines.

In an interview for the magazine Yuliyana Doncheva and her husband Stanislav Nedkov share how expected this child was and how grateful they are to God, that he bestowed them with such great happiness.

When asked if they are considering having more children, Juliana answers: “No, I will not set world records. My two sons are enough. Stucky tries to convince me now and then, but he can't. He wants more children because he loves them very much. However, the risk is high and I thank God that we have our child. I won't be doing any more invitro attempts. Yes, we still have frozen embryos, but one has to weigh the risks, and they are huge at this stage. I will rather wait for a granddaughter. My son is already 21 years old, and when the time comes, I am ready to become a grandmother," she says frankly.

Heir Stanislav is now hooked on Stucky's sport and even trains with his dad, despite his mother's disapproval. The child changed Nedkov a lot and the two have a strong relationship.

“Stanislav became softer and kinder as a person. And more responsible. He is extremely caring, even more so. He's just shaking over the kid. I'm not an eagle mother, but he's an eagle father," Juliana laughs. Her husband adds that their son made them rediscover each other and strengthened their love even more.

Yuliyana Doncheva continues her sincere revelation to the magazine by sharing how much harmony her son has brought to her relationship with Stucky. She says that if before this they were just two lovers looking into each other's eyes with love, now their gaze is turned to the eyes of their son.

"Maybe if it wasn't for the child, these relationships would have ended, and he added harmony between us," she also says.

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