15 of the he althiest salads

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15 of the he althiest salads
15 of the he althiest salads


There's still a little bit of summer left - take advantage of it! With the arrival of autumn, the variety of fruits and vegetables begins to thin out. And the best thing about summer after a vacation at the sea is eating a fresh, nutritious and he althy salad all season long!


Vegetables are an extremely rich source of vitamins, useful minerals and important fiber. They help the body in a number of ways - mostly in maintaining a he althy balance in the body, as well as in weight regulation.


Vegetables hydrate the body and maintain a normal water-s alt balance. They help in the good peristalsis of the intestines and in their cleansing of toxins.

Vegetables bring us important antioxidants that slow down the aging and cell degeneration processes. They are an indispensable component of the daily menu!


That's why we've selected 15 of our he althiest salad recipes that you can make at home! Hurry while the variety of wonderful and he althy vegetables are still available in the market!

  • He althy Whole Grain Pasta Salad
  • Warm salad with bacon, potatoes and corn
  • Salad with couscous, feta cheese and roasted peppers
  • Katak salad, roasted peppers and chicken
  • Salad with roasted chicken, blue cheese and croutons
  • Sea salad with wakame and mango
  • Potato salad with chickpeas, sausage and peas
  • Salad with eggplant and mayonnaise
  • Classic pasta salad
  • Bean and tuna salad
  • Delicious and easy prosciutto salad
  • Zucchini and Artichoke Salad
  • Smoked fish salad
  • Summer salad with watermelon
  • Potato salad with three types of sausage

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