5 food combinations to avoid

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5 food combinations to avoid
5 food combinations to avoid

During the summer months we like to prepare a drink with milk and melon. It's delicious, we think it's useful, but we forget that this combination can cause an unwanted disorder of the digestive system. Nutritionists recommend that the fruit should not be combined with other foods except fruit.

What other food combinations should you avoid?

Cupcake and fruit juice

Many of our favorite foods and drinks, instead of giving us energy, seem to take away from it. Like the combination of cake with fruit juice. There is a lack of protein, useful fiber, but the amount of carbohydrates is high, which increases blood sugar levels, and then drops sharply.

Tip: Choose a whole grain breakfast and a glass of yogurt.

Meat and cheese

Processed cheese, yellow cheese, mozzarella, white brine, blue etc. are delicious, we like to add them to our meat recipes. But this very combination of two types of animal proteins is not recommended, especially for good digestion. There is calcium in cheese, and iron and zinc in meat. Although these elements are involved in metabolic processes, calcium can slow down the absorption of zinc and iron.

Tip: Try to combine meat with vegetables as they are rich in vitamin C,which helps iron absorption.


Fish and eggs

This combination does not sound unhe althy at all, but according to some nutritionists it is good to avoid it. Both products individually are very useful as they provide us with important nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids. Raw eggs contain a specific protein called avidin, and fish contains vitamin B7 (biotin), which plays an important role in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as in maintaining blood sugar levels.

If you combine raw eggs with fish, avidin can neutralize the effect of the vitamin. It is recommended not to combine eggs with cheese, milk, butter, mayonnaise, potatoes, avocados and others.

Tea and Muffins

Delicious tea with croissants made with yeast can create a feeling of heaviness and fermentation in the stomach.

Tip: It is best to drink beverages rich in tannin and caffeine one hour after eating.

Yogurt and Kiwis

Kiwi is often added to yogurt and milkshakes. The enzymes contained in the fruit contribute to the accelerated breakdown of milk protein. For this reason, the taste of milk and milk products becomes bitter.

Tip: It is better to add banana, berries, peaches, apricots.

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