Don't neglect green vegetables in November

Don't neglect green vegetables in November
Don't neglect green vegetables in November

In our regular column friday market today we will discuss the green vegetables that should be present once a day on our plate. Although spring is the queen of fresh vegetables, we have no excuse not to eat them in November too.

It is very easy to eat fruits because they are sweet, small and quite easy to fit into our menu right from breakfast. So who would reach for the zucchini when apples are always at hand?

It is a global trend to eat fruits much more than vegetables. But this is not good for a balanced diet, because we miss out on many nutrients that are found in green foods.

Leafy green vegetables fight depression and are a valuable source of calcium, iron, copper and other trace elements, folic acid, rich in vitamins C, carotene, B2, P, K. Cabbage is an indispensable source of vitamin D. A real storehouse of vitamin C are parsley and dill.

In November, the markets are full of green vegetables: cabbage, spinach, zucchini, celery stalks, broccoli, leeks, cucumbers, peas, green beans, lettuce, arugula, lettuce, fresh spices - parsley, dill, basil, spring onion, thyme, onion, tarragon.

The solution is simple: eat one green vegetable every day - mixed with other vegetables or separately, in a salad, stewed or steamed. You can use the ideas from My Green Recipe.

Let's also talk about prices:

Fresh vegetables from the neighborhood market:

Green peppers – BGN 3.29/kg

Cucumbers – BGN 3.39

Broccoli – BGN 2.59/kg

Salad – BGN 3.69 for 200 g - chopped

Lettuce – BGN 1.60 for 1 pc.

Arugula Salad – BGN 3.49 200 g - chopped

Celery stem – BGN 2.89 for 1 pc.

Zucchini – BGN 4.19/kg

Parsley, dill, basil, spring onion, thyme, tarragon - from BGN 0.39 to BGN 1.20 per connection

Onions - BGN 0.25 per piece

Fresh onion -- BGN 0.50 per link

Avocado - BGN 1.39 per piece

Although it is a fruit because it has a nut and grows on a tree, here we count the avocado among vegetables because we use it more often in the composition of vegetable salads and freshes.

In addition to fresh, we can also buy canned or frozen peas, green beans and spinach - between 2 and 3 BGN per jar or packet.

Green vegetables are a great food for a slim waistline because they are low in calories. The big exception is avocados. Be careful with it - eat no more than one a day or a week if you're on a diet, as it contains a lot of fat.

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